OFLAG 6D Munster.

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    Can anyone tell me exactly where this camp was in Munster? Was it one of the old WW1 sites?
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    OFLAG 6 D (OFLAG VI D) was originally in Muenster, but all approx. 2000 POWs (French and Russians) were moved to Soest in October 1944. The place in Soest still exists I believe. The address in Muenster was Hoher Heckenweg and that street still exists. Hope that helps.

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    Thank you Stefan, you have been a great help.

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  5. Lindele

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    I am pretty sure that the address as given above is correct, but I doubt that there is anything left. Unfortunately I have nobody in Muenster to check.

    Stefan .
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    According to my ongoing researches into the British post war presence in Munster OFLAG 6D could have been what became Portsmouth Barracks the home for many years of 8 Transport Regiment, part of the 1st British Corps nuclear delivery system.

    At the time of the American capture of the city (with 6 Guards Armoured Brigade under command) it was a POW Camp for captured shot down RAF aircrew.
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    Hi Paul. I know this is old. I was watching this video. The narrator make a mention of "Stalag VI-F Located North East of Munster".

    I only could find the original Stalag VI-F in Bocholt, but that camp was relocated in 1944, to the location of where the Oflag VI-D unit was situated. Oflag VI-D in turn was moved to Soest.

    The images in the video posted above show the alleged liberation of the Stalag VI-F in Munster, the former Oflag VI-D.

    It was a kinda confusing search but after reading it was located on the Hoher Heckenweg in Munster i figured i could try and match the images to the 3D enviorment provided by Google.

    It turns out a large portion of this camp, shown in the establishing shot of the video, is still standing. It is located at "An der Meerwiese" and the location at where the camera takes the first shot can be found at these coördinates, facing West: 51°59'14"N 7°39'04"E

    Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/4KoNNxBboiDHbiaH7

    I hope this helps.
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