Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in WW2

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    Found via an alert on Twitter to these twelve volumes, alas the image will not move; so if yu use Twitter go to Robert Lyman, his handle is robert_lyman (a UK historian).

    The volumes were published (re-published) in 2014, in India and are available online via: Pentagon Press

    Here is one Burma campaign example: Pentagon Press
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  2. IKE26

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    anyone has these titles?

    Ahmad, R. Nadeem, Rafiuddin A., Unfaded Glory: The 8th Punjab Regiment 1798-1956. Abbottabad, Baloch Regimental Centre, 2007

    Brock, F., The 6th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers in Italy, September 1943 - May 1945. Durban, South Africa: Self-Published, 1948

    Bunbury, N. L., Regimental History of the 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde), 13th Frontier Force Rifles, 1934-1947. Aldershot: Gale and Polden, 1951
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    There is a copy of Bunbury's book in The British Library; which is of course currently closed. Two members here have a copy: dryan67 & idler.
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  4. dryan67

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    Sorry, I do not have a copy of Bunbury's book. I have Condon regimental history of the 13th Frontier Force Rifles, a Naval and Military Press reprint.
  5. Chris C

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    There is also a copy of Bunbury's book in the Toronto Public Library reference library, also currently closed.
  6. Maureene

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    The first two titles are available at the Imperial War Museums, catalogue references LBY 07 / 2537 and LBY 25624, presumably currently closed.
    Unfaded Glory was published as a Naval and Military Press reprint
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    I went on the website of Naval and Military Press Naval & Military Press, Military History, WWI & World War II Books but I did not find it. :-(
  8. dryan67

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    Unfaded Glory is out of print.

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