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    Odilo Globocnik ?

    The name is a bit of a togue twister and there are many spelling variations but the man himself was a particularly nasty piece of work.

    My only connection with him was due to the fact that shortly after the war ended, my unit, the 4th QOH moved into Austria and one of our main roles was the finding and capturing of wanted war criminals.

    Globocnik was one of our more important finds

    In the photo below he lays under a blanket.



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    Odilo Globocnik,attained the SS rank of Brigadefuehrer,a real Nazi practitioner by any account and was one of those Austrian Nazis who paved the way for the successful Anschluss takeover of Austria.

    For his endeavours he was rewarded with the appointment of Gauleiter of Vienna but fell from grace on account of a misdemeanor and was "remustered" in a lower SS rank.

    Appointed as the SS Police head in Lublin in Poland,in his administration district he was able to put his Nazi ideology into practice and founded the Belzec,Maidanek, Sobibor death camps.Treblinka was also one of his creations.

    When the game was up,he made his way back to his homeland and as Ron states, he was captured but evaded justice by committing suicide.

    Ron did he commit suicide at the point of capture?.It would appear that all the upper echelonsof the regime were provided with poison phials...just in case.
  3. Ron Goldstein

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    Most definitely YES .

    The Regimental Diary is quite specific on this point.

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    Ron, I read that the 4th QOH captured seven other prominent Nazis at the time, are some of them the blokes in the picture you posted?
  6. Ron Goldstein

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    All the details are here, in the Regimental Diaries, 1945


    0430 – The party arrived at the hut.
    0500 – Hut surrounded.
    0510 – The door at the front was opened by Major Ramsey who had entered through a loft window. The door at the back was forced by Major Quarmby and Lt Hedley. Four men were found in the front of the house. Interrogation began at once and all men except the Gauleiter and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Lerch denied any knowledge of the SS. The women were allowed to remain in the hut, but arrangements are in hand (1430 hours) to arrest them. Dr Rainer, Lerch, three unidentified suspects and a fourth man who gave references in KLAGENFURT were brought down to the prison at PATERNION.
    0715 – Schutz re-arrested on accusation of Kummerer.
    1130 – The man suspected of being Glovocnik was trapped into acknowledging his name by a slight movement of his head when Major Ramsey shouted his name across the courtyard. He was ordered into arrest and poisoned himself with Prussic acid while walking the 150 yards between the Castle yard and the prison. Capt MM Leigh RAMC attempted to revive him but was unsuccessful. It was considered that he had had this poison concealed in his mouth from the moment in which the first alarm was raised at the hut as he consistently refused all form of refreshment. Three suspects on viewing the body confessed their identities as:-Sturmbannfuhrer der SS Michaelson,SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hoffle,Oberscharfuhrer Karl Hellesberger SS in TRIESTE.
    1245 – all eight prisoners were removed by Capt Willett, leaving only Schutz in detention and under further investigation.
    (See May & June)

    My only immediate involvement in rounding up these characters was when I went with SSM Busty Thomas to interview Hitler's Gamekeeper.

    However, in the times of which we talk, all the talk was of the Regiment's sucesses in rounding up those bastards.

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    Fascinating stuff thank you Ron.
  8. Harry Ree

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    Good account of apprehending of these villains.For all their indoctrination and supposed loyalty to the regime, they were quickly willing to cast aside their past.

    From reports, they did not like their collars being felt,having been virtually untouchable during the Third Reich.
  9. Ron Goldstein

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    One of my abiding memories of Austria was when we ran the POW camp at Ferdorf.

    On at least two occasions our own Field Security paid an early morning visit to the camp and all the POWs were required to strip off thieir shirts and raise their right arms.

    The object of the exercise was to reveal the blood group tattood under their armpits, a sure sign that they were ex-SS

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    good morning ron Goldstein.may 14,2013.07:32am.re:eek:dilo glogonick.i have read about him in your post odds and ends.i tried to reply to ask you about him.and now I find your post with the information I wanted to ask you.i could not get a (post reply) on your odds and ends,thank you for the information.an interesting post.he did the correct thing.with his pill.stay well.bernard85
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