Odd unit designations - North Africa and Italy

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  1. GnrGnr

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    The following unit designations (it is quite clear from the man's records that these are units to and from which he was SOS and TOS) are in North Africa 1943/44 and later Italy. I call them odd because the number comes second which is not normal.

    They are ME 20, ME 39 and ME 53. The man was a staff clerk in the RASC so these may not necessarily be RASC units.

    I find nothing that fits and a posting on the RASC thread received nul points - any ideas?

  2. idler

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    If you weren't so certain they were units, I would have said they were the serials/sets of orders under which he was posted.
  3. Tricky Dicky

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    They could be 'places', 'buildings', 'camps' or similar - ME = Middle East then the reference number of the place etc ?? - so its a reference as to where he was moved to - just a thought
  4. Tricky Dicky

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  5. GnrGnr

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    Many thanks indeed TD. The thought had occurred that they were sneaky beaky related given that no other info attaches to them
    One of the numbers doesn't appear in the list although it does in the establishments but I'll take that up on the other thread. Thanks very much again.

  6. idler

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    I must make a MEntal note of that linked post - good find.
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  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Max - they all appear on that thread, you may need to check out other posts, not just the first one
    ME 20 Massingham Mission (ISSU 6) (Algiers)
    ME 39 Air Preparation Facility (Ringlet) (Tunis)
    VIII/739/1 17.05.1944 29.01.1944 Military Establishment No. 53

    Might be worth contacting member Aixman
  8. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    TD thanks, 53's title is not there in the list, I have posted on the other thread in the hope that the contributors there reply.

    Grateful for your initial steer though, I shall pass it all on to the man's relative to take forward.

  9. Aixman

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    Unfortunately, the War Establishments give no hints on special names or places, only to the usual content (starting date, personnel, trades, transport - if any - and weapons).
    "Not an Army establishment"
    a Captains's command
    6 officers, 71 other ranks, including attached

    1 Motor-cyle, solo
    1 Car, 2-seater, 4 x 2
    1 Truck, 15-cwt., 4 x 2, G.S.

    No weapons mentioned.

    "Note: All appointments are inter-service and may be filled by R.N., Army, R.A.F. or non-military personnel, male or female."
  10. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Many thanks Aixman - time to hand this on to the person whose relative this concerns.

  11. Kyle147

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    It was me who began all this by asking GnrGnr for help with looking over my Great-Grandfather's service records which I have recently received from the MOD.

    First let me thank all of you for your expertise, research and your speed in getting the answers to the puzzle that was ME.

    Aixman does the list you gave that says the Captains command, rank numbers, transport and if any weapons refer to a 'Military Establishment'?

    Once again Thanks,

  12. Aixman

    Aixman WE addict

    The information is from the above mentioned War Establishment VIII/739/1 named "Military Establishment No. 53". Most WEs are abstract, but some, like this one and most of the Military Establishment WEs, are designed for a single unit only.

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