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    Here are a couple of things belonging to my mother who was a VAD in Quetta in 1942. and a WVS canteen manager at Dimapur in 1945. The first is a belt buckle which I assume was the local version of the traditional nurses belt, but perhaps was used with the WVS uniform as well. if anyone knows for sure, it would be interesting
    Also a powder compact given to her in 1945 by my father shortly after they met. Note the chindit motif. The inscription is amusing! bandc-1.jpg bandc-2.jpg bandc-3.jpg bandc-4.jpg bandc-5.jpg bandc-6.jpg
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    Thank you for posting

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    I somehow missed this post first time around. Thank you for posting. It's always good to see Chindit art like this.

    Just for interests sake here is another inscribed gift from a Chindit to a Nurse.

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    Bamboo, I think yours has a greater sense of history somehow with the inscription! Is it yours?
    It would be good to see more examples.
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