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    Hi, some time ago their was a thread or possibly a post within a thread where some one asked a question regarding New Zealand participation in operation Compass and the following operation in which Australian and British forces took Bardia and Tobruk at the start of 1941.

    I do not know if the person asking the question got a answer from anyone as I have searched and searched for this thread to no avail. I have not even seemingly gotten close to finding the thread or post. (just watch now I have written this someone will find it all in a few milliseconds lol:rolleyes:.)

    Anyways the person from that post wanted information regarding the identity of the New Zealander troops who were involved in operation Compass and the follow up attacks on Bardia and Tobruk.
    According to the book.

    "Forgotten ANZAC's"
    The campaign in Greece 1941.

    Written by peter Ewer
    ISBN 9781921215292 (hbk)

    The unit concerned is New Zealand 4th RMT (reserve mechanical transport Company) or 4th MT Company it was a transport unit used to transport the Indian and then Australians into the battles they faced,

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