Nuremberg Trials

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    i've seen several docs on utube about the nuremberg trials, they're quite detailed but im just wandering if there might be some bits and peices that i might missed.

    if it helps, i already know about what countreis were involved in the trials, what nazis were also on trial, the outcome of the trial.

    any tips would be useful
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    One of my favourite books was written by G.M. Gilbert called Nuremburg Diary.
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    what info does that contain that i have not stated above???
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    Google it.
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    ive googled it, seems to be a very interesting boo kindeed! thanks for suggesting it. Hopefully it will fill a few gaps that i have
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    the Nuremberg Trials were going on for days and weeks. And I am sure they could have continued even longer, because not all relevant folks were sentenced.
    Have you done any research on German books and films? This might answer your open questions.
    I am assuming, you read and understand German. After all, it is the slightly more complicated version of Dutch and English.:D
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    'Interrogations: Inside the Minds of the Nazi Elite' by Richard Overy is also a very good book.

    There are also a series of books published by William Hodge, publisher, just after the war (1949) about the subsequent war crime trials - I've read 'The Belsen trial' by Raymond Phillips
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    Interrogations.The Nazi Elite in Allied Hands 1945 by Richard Overy is a very good reference publication on the subject for it records the individual accused's interrogations.Is it the same publication as referenced by John above?

    A search for "Ashcan" reports gives some insight to the behaviour of the accused while held in detention prior to the trial ....Ashcan....military code for the detention centre at the requisitioned Grand Hotel at Mondorf les Bains in Luxemburg. Interesting to see the focus on the bare bones of these personalities and how they reacted with other accused while in captivity.

    Probably the standard work covering the Nuremberg Trial is that by Ann Tusa and John Tusa with their publication, The Nuremberg Trial.
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    thanks, some very useful info here

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