Nuremberg Raid March 1944.

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    Tonight going in to tomorrow will be the 74th anniversary ( If you can call it that ?) of the RAFs worst ever loss of Men and Machine's. I wonder if there are going to be any remembrance service's at any of the old airfields, or at the Bomber Command Memorial in London. I know a lady who's father was on this raid in a Lancaster. He was a Navigator, somewhere over France they were attacked while on their way home, the crew were ordered to bale-out and he landed in a garden and hid in a shed. He was there for a couple of weeks living off carrots he pulled from the garden, and anything the owners could spare. Eventually he was reported by some Quisling and carted off to a P.O.W. Camp. But at least he survived.
    RIP to all those who lost their lives that night 74 years ago from later tonight and onwards...

    Nuremberg, March 30, 1944
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    Hi, what is a Quisling?
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    Thanks CL1,

    Little Friend,
    do you know exactly where the Lancaster was brought down?

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