Number of Churchill tanks in a regiment

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    This may be a stupid question and has probably been answered or mentioned before, but could someone please explain it to me?
    My father was in 34 Armoured Brigade - 153 then 147 then 107.
    I have read that the regiments were comprised of 58 Churchills.
    Three squadrons each of five troops of three - that makes 45
    I have also read that RHQ had 4 tanks and each squadron HQ also had 4 tanks.
    That makes 61
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    A 1944 Churchill equipped Regt had 58 infantry tanks, 11 light tanks, 6 AA tanks and 3 armoured recovery vehicles (ARV).

    RHQ had 4 tanks
    Recce Tp 11 light tanks
    AA Tp 6 AA tanks

    Three Sqns, each
    Sqn HQ 3 tanks + 1 ARV
    Five Tps, each 3 tanks

    At the start of 1944 the Regts were supposed to have two OP tanks as well, but they were kicked up to Bde HQ by Mar/Apr 1944.

    Cruiser equipped Armd Regts had a fourth tank in Sqn HQ, so they had 61.

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    Thanks very much Gary, I thought it must have had something to do with Sqn HQ.
    Also, could you tell me what AA tanks were? Obviously anti-aircraft but which tanks and how were they set up?
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    34 Tank Brigade organised their Stuarts as follows. Although officially a 'Recce Troop' it is a mini-Squadron. Note use of 'Sections'.

    HQ Section - 3 Stuart
    4 Sections of 2 Stuart

    After Greenline (after suffering damage and realising profile was an issue) the vast majority had their turrets removed.

    They did reorganise to three Troops of 4 tanks and one Troop of 3 tanks in each of the Brigade's Tank Regiments in early August.
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    Many thanks Gary and Sniper - very helpful!

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