Novice needs help with Grandads service records 119/268 & 92nd

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by celebman, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Ah, that fits in just right with his service record then. On the last image you posted there's a stamp that starts "A & S Gp" with 25C written after it.

    As I understand it, as the war began to draw towards a close planning began for an orderly demob of the millions in service. Each was allocated to an Age & Service group, based on how old you were and how long ago you were called up. The lower the group number, the quicker you were eligible for demob.

    My grandad's group, written on his records, was '27C' and he finally got demobbed in early April 1946. I don't know what the C refers to. Your grandad's was 25C and it looks like he was released a few months earlier.
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    the only photo I have is this one, my grandad is on the left I dont know who the gent on the right is sadly

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    Thank you for the info, all help is greatly appreciated =)
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    Interesting to see the photos - you can clearly see the white 'Y' for Yorkshire on the shoulder 'slider'. This apparently denotes it's pre-war association with Northern Command (Formation Badges of WW2, Howard Cole).
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    Unfortunately I am unable to pin point which Battery my Grandad was in as this wasn't recorded on his records just a regular conformation he was a Gunner in the 92nd.

    I know there were 3 Battery's 365, 368, 467 but finding out which one would be brilliant, would there be any way of finding this information out anywhere?

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