November 20, 1945 The Trial Of The Major War Criminals Begins In Nuremberg

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    (sapper @ Nov 22 2005, 01:19 PM) [post=41970]Lets face it! The were a pretty unsavoury bunch of murdering dirt boxes.

    :) :D Well Put.
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    (Gotthard Heinrici @ Nov 30 2005, 06:43 AM) [post=42269]

    Is this the type of garbage you mean?????

    These guys are good, I have to admit that.

    They will be pushing her for sainthood by this time next year.

    (jdecosse @ Nov 30 2005, 04:09 AM) [post=42257]my granda was on guard duty at these trials - anything I could ask him for you's???

    sorry my knowledge of it is really poor as I am just getting into learning about the war now as my granda was previously very uncomfortable talking about it. BUt in relation to these trials he did mention a women who was in charge of one of the most notorious pow camps. He was on guard duty while she was on trial and she kept spitting on everyone in defiance.

    she was hung

    And it took a bit longer than usual. I wonder if she repented? .....................Don't think so.
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    (Harry Ree @ Nov 29 2005, 09:58 PM) [post=42275]Just a point, perhaps I am splitting hairs here but I always thought that the Belsen trials were an entirely British affair.

    The claptrap clip appears to show US personnel involved in the trial of Imra Grese which I feel is the work of fiction.

    It was indeed a British affair. The so called "Belsen Trial" was in front of a British military court sitting at Luneburg. Although the defendants were detained in connection with Bergen-Belsen, many had previously been based at Auschwitz and had returned to Germany when Auschwitz was evacuated, prior to the arrival of the Red Army.

    Info at:
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    (Gotthard Heinrici @ Nov 29 2005, 02:43 PM) [post=42269]

    Is this the type of garbage you mean?????

    Yes, that is exactly the type of garbage that has resulted.

    I rarely see such appalling rubbish except when I'm reading about Holocaust deniers or neo-Nazis. Notice that this web page does not provide any proof of its absurd claims, any sources, provenience, or accountability of any sort.

    It also makes the most appalling errors (probably most of them deliberate), such as a photograph of Lord Mountbatten, identified as "Admiral Ramsey," and photographs of Irma Grese retouched onto photographs of witnesses at the 1945-46 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial (which is why she's being guarded by American MPs).

    Anyway, the real provenience of that page's "truth" is where it refers to William Manchester as the "ZOG court historian." They don't bother to explain those initials, because anyone reading that page would know the term: it's the neo-Nazis' code-word for the US government. They call it the "Zionist Occupation Government," saying that the US is occupied by Zionists.

    It also calls FDR, Stalin, and Churchill as being Jews and Jewish puppets, says that the SS and SA acted to protect Jews on Kristallnacht and that all the outrages were done by Jewish mobs to stir up hatred for Germany, and that Otto Frank was a millionaire collaborationist who sold poison gas to the Nazis and then forged his daughter's diary.

    I hope some day to meet the author of this work, who is so proud of his filth that he leaves his name and contact points off, so that I can hold him accountable for his lies and vicious racism with a punch in the nose. images/smilies/default/mad.gif

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