Nottingham Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 'A' Squadron

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    I am trying to find out the history of my Grandfather William Tait who was in 'A' squadron of Notts Yeo in 1944. He was posted from the 49th RTR to this unit as a CPL with Class II driver qualifications. The unit was then in N.W.E from this point on.

    If anyone can point me in the direction of relevant Notts Yeo 'A' squadron information it will be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    You might try to locate a copy of the regimental history online:

    Lindsay, T.M. Sherwood Rangers. (The Story of the Nottinghamshire Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry in the Second World War). London: Burrup, Mathieson & Co., Ltd., 1952.

    Here are some copies at

    Sherwood Rangers - AbeBooks
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    Hello Graham,

    SRY formed part of 8th (Independent) Armoured Brigade from it's formation in August 1941 right through the war, still being with the Brigade in 1945.

    Having fought through North Africa and Tunisia, the Bde returned to the UK (along with, later, 50th (Northumbrian) Inf Div and other units of XXX Corps) in preparation for Operation Overlord, being attached to 50 Div. The Bde landed with 50 Div on Gold Beach on 6th June 1944, and continued operating with the Division through most of it's time in North West Europe, before 50 Div was pulled out of the line in November 1944 and returned to the UK as a training cadre.

    Here are the Brigade's Armoured Regiments as they stood on 6th June '44*;

    - 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

    - 24th Lancers (later replaced by 13th/18th Hussars)

    - Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

    There were also numerous units from 50 Div that were placed under 8th Armd's command from 8th to 12th June – these included;

    - 8th Bn, Durham Light Infantry

    - 1st Bn, The Dorsetshire Regt.

    - 2nd Bn, The Cheshire Regt. (Single Company only)

    - 61st Reconnaissance Regt.

    For the sake of keeping this reply to a manageable length, I shall not go into detail about the actions of 8th Armd through Operation Perch etcetera (though I could go on about it all day), but shall instead recommend you some books;

    The Battle for Tilly-sur-Seulles / La Bataille de Tilly-sur-Seulles – Stephane Jaquet, Heimdal Editions 2009. ISBN 10: 2840482606/ISBN 13: 9782840482604

    This is a truly excellent book, written by the curator of the museum at Tilly-sur-Seulles and covers all the events of Operation Perch in great detail, day by day in most places. An absolute essential in my opinion. Not a cheap book though - available on Abe
    9782840482604 - AbeBooks

    The poet Keith Douglas was a member of SRY;
    Alamein to Zem Zem, Keith Douglas, Faber Finds Publishing 2008.
    ISBN 10: 0571241948/ISBN 13: 9780571241941

    Available on Abe;
    9780571241941 - AbeBooks

    Monty's Marauders: Black Rat and Red Fox, Patrick Delaforce, Tom Donovan Publishing Ltd. 2008. ISBN 10: 1871085365/ISBN 13: 9781871085365

    Available on Abe;
    9781871085365 - AbeBooks

    I do not own these latter two books, but they are listed in the Select Bibliography of the Stephane Jaquet book, so I am sure they will be of use.

    I hope these recommendations are of use to you.

    Best Regards,

    * = Note: There appears to be some confusion as to the Seniority of the Armoured Regiments, with some sources stating that SRY were senior, others stating that 4/7 RDG were senior.

    Edited to rectify my somewhat bizarre error in summary paragraph.
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    You could also try contacting their Old Comrades Association which is still active and visits Normandy every June for a ceremony at their Memorial at Bayeux. The association is, I believe, based at the current barracks at Carlton near Nottingham (because a descendant squadron is still based there). Sorry I have no more details as I'm away from my files at the moment. Contact me via PM if you need more information and I'll do my best to help especially as there is still a fighting chance that there could be someone out there who knew your Grandfather.
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    Wow...thank you for all your help. I shall make my way through this information which should shed more light on the matter.

    Many thanks.

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    Here are all the regiments war diaries held at the National Archives for anyone interested in the unit:

    WO 166/11087 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1943 Dec.

    WO 169/227 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1939 Sept.- Oct., 1940 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/1403 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1941 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/1404 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Detachment 1941 Apr.- July

    WO 169/4497 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1942 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/9336 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1943 Jan.-Oct.

    WO 171/861 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 171/4704 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1945 Jan.- Dec.

    Just click the red link below for more details if you want any copying.
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    I am trying to find out the history of my Grandfather William Tait who was in 'A' squadron of Notts Yeo in 1944. He was posted from the 49th RTR to this unit as a CPL with Class II driver qualifications. The unit was then in N.W.E from this point on.

    If anyone can point me in the direction of relevant Notts Yeo 'A' squadron information it will be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    hi Graham

    I am a Sherwood Ranger & if you contact us thru and ask the museum team for any info.

    Martin Kerry
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    Great help again. Thank you!!

    Martin I will contact the Sherwood Rangers through the website as suggested.

    Many thanks,
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    Hello Graham

    My father was Tpr John Henry 'JACK' Key from Newark Nottinghamshire and was a Sherwood Ranger from 1937 when they were cavalry and in Palestine on policing duties until they mechanised, through North Africa, Normandy and North West Europe to Bremen the end of the war and Hannover. Coincidentally he too was a tank driver in A Troop A squadron. I have spent the last two years researching from the traininng pre June 44 to their demob in 45. Get in touch

    Graham Key
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    Five Five

    I do believe that I might be right in thinking that V111 AB did NOT fight in Sicily/Italy as they went home from Tunisia prior to the landings by XXX corps on Sicily - who incidently - did NOT fight in Italy as they too went home from Sicily in

    the October '43- apart from elements of 7th AD who landed at Salerno and fought through to Naples before going home - also in October '43 taking 23rd AB with them and leaving 4th and 7th Ab's....

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    Well spotted Tom, and you are correct on all counts of course. Have rep'd you and sorted the post.

    Somewhat bizarre error on my part, that one; some cogitation shall follow, I think!

    Thanks again Tom,
    All the best,
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    Hi there
    Its seems your grandfather Cpl. William Tait was wounded on 18 November 1944 during the attack on Geilenkirchen, Germany when bringing PoW's back to the rear, one of them stepped on a mine killing several and 2 PoW's wounded. A Sqdn lost 3 tanks on the 18th on the attack in Prummern due to the area being heavily mined....karl
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    Anybody interested in the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Sherwood Rangers, or just life in an armoured brigade in WWII, should read Stuart Hill's award winning book 'By Tank into Normandy', 2002, ISBN 978-0-3043-6640-8.
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    There's a fairly extensive biography, with WW2 picture - of a Sherwood Ranger

    - A Squadron - (Later "B" - edit - Rm) Trooper Thomas Harper -

    ....recently posted on Facebook here: The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939-1945

    Ps. Just noticed - I think it says "A" squadron in Africa, but then posted to "B" Squadron SRY during the European campaign.
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    Hi Karl
    Sorry I've just seen this post, this is right from the basic information I have. How did you get and do you have anything else as I would love to build the story behind it.

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    Hi Graham
    Likewise again I have just seen this, if possible could you provide more information and how I can learn more?

    Thanks in advance.
  19. Ramiles

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    There is this page on Facebook -
    The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939-1945
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    Thank you Ramiles, I will look at this. I've also ordered the following book which should help with the dates I have from his military records:

    Assault on Germany: the Battle for Geilenkirchen


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