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    I saw these reviewed in a magazine I happened to pick up in W H Smiths one day. Part of a series depicting a reception in Napoleons time. As you can see the 54mm models are well sculpted and painted and certainly something different.

    I hasten to say that these are not painted by me. Remember that unless you are looking at the pictures on an extremely small screen the image will be several times larger than the real models.

    dance couple.JPG

    walking couple.JPG

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    I always wonder about the pre-Waterloo ball.
    Not well-read enough to grasp if it really was a heavily attended & glittering gathering, or more something bigged-up to make a good story in films, Vanity Fair, etc.
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    The Duchess of Richmond's Ball was certainly a large and glittering occasion. The ballroom originally intended to be used for the occasion was thought too small and a large coach house was converted. Everyone who was anyone was invited and most senior officers, and many others had had their wives join them. Such occasions started late, most people had dinner beforehand and supper was not until 1 am. Wellington was aware that Napoleon was on the move but not aware of how far he had progressed. He and his staff arrived late at the ball having issued preliminary orders to the army. He thought that to fail to attend would cause panic. There was certainly a demonstration of Scottish dancing by highland troops. Officers were ordered to report to their units by 3am so many went without sleep.

    However the figures whose pictures are posted above are French Imperial Guard officers at a grand ball, presumably in Paris.

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    The chap is modelled on

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    Well spotted. I only looked at the ladies.

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    And these.

    Five figures designed as a group.




    Remember that the images are very much bigger than the real model unless you have a minute screen.


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    got to say this one looks like a bloke in drag

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    It's understandable: no-one's going to take an Emperor Joe seriously.
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    He has form.


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    I have tried to remove the image which caused such amusement, and have removed all mention of the firm concerned. I am mortified to have inadvertently exposed the team of excellent craftsmen and artists to ridicule. I suppose that is the nature of social media.

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