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    As we seem to have only had a couple of brief links here over the years, buried in other subjects, and I've just read their pages on Foreign SS Volunteers, this site seems worth a clearer mention: - Norway During WW2

    Bit of a German focus, but worth a shufti, SS/Wehrmacht volunteers articles on this page:
    Articles about Norway during WW2
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    Looks like a good source of infomation regarding the position of Norway during the Second World War.
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    I have posted on all of the information I have put on my "8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters in Norway" thread on this forum. It is a very useful source of information.

  5. Have previously done some research on Norway in the war and the below is a good summary I came across.

    "Norway was invaded in the Spring of 1940 by Germany, and fought bravely to retain its independence, but was overrun quite rapidly, owing to the disparity between the Norwegian Army and the Wehrmacht troops sent to take it over.

    The government and the king escaped to Great Britain and fought the war from there, with IIRC one division of troops spirited out on the "Shetland Ferry" -- ships making the run at night between the Shetland Islands and the Norwegian coast. There was a very active Resistance, which among other things was able to sabotage the German efforts to create an atomic bomb -- something for which the whole world owes them great thanks, IMO.

    But the most important thing was that the Norwegian Merchant Marine, fourth largest in the world, continued to fight alongside England -- light ships guns mounted on merchantmen, who were invaluable in transporting supplies throughout the war.

    The Norwegian spirit was best shown in an official stamp printed by the government in exile in England -- a sidewalk with three words scrawled on it in chalk, chosen to be Norwegian but intelligible to English speakers as well: VE VILL VINNE!"
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    Adding to Spirit of Dunkirk's excellent summary, would mention many Norwegian Officers and NCOs served as instructors with the 52nd (Lowland) Division whilst they were being trained in high-altitude warfare. Their experience was invaluable, and those who were attached to the 7th/9th (Highlanders) Battalion The Royal Scots remained good friends in the years after the end of the Second World War.


    Joe Brown.
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    The most memorable aspect of Norway during the war was the determined but nonviolent resistance of the clergy, teachers and sportspersons to Nazi attempts to organise them and use them as instruments of Nazi indoctrination.
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