Norway, 1940. Witnesses' accounts

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    I with friends plan to publish a book in Russian about the toughest and hardest moments, the Western Allies of the USSR experienced during WW2. This bok will be based on veterans' accounts (British, Norwegian, French, Polish). Interviews would be good thing as well. Some stuff was found, but not in sufficient amounts...
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    Vladimir, good luck (bonne chance no less!) with your endeavours.

    Very much hope you may find a copy of this where you are. It covers some of the time period you have expressed an interest in, from the military side.

    Kind regards,


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    Heaps of thanks... I live in Ayustralia (Perth), and access to some books is limited. Moreover, I still work and often have no time to chase them.

    have you ever had it ON HAND?

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    Just read the war diary about 451 Sub Area 45/46 today and by chance the commanding officer was Brigadier Arthur Lealie Kent-Lemon who in 1940 was acting commander 15 Brigade in Norway.

    He left behind private papers at IWM Private Papers of Brigadier A L Kent-Lemon CBE :D
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    Mercy once again! I managed to download it!
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    If you are looking for soldiers diaries from the Norwegian campaign, I recall a thread on here from a few years back about the missing grave of a Gunner Greenway RA. Info in it was taken from the posters fathers/grandfathers diary written during the campaign.
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    Yup, thats the one, I have not yet worked out how to include a link to a thread in a post.
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    Copy & paste

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    Recent English language book available in paperback that give a good look at the Poles in Norway.
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    I wish you well in this.
    Especially for Norway , Who had one of the longest and most difficult experiences in WW 2.
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    See the attached file.

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    193 HAA Battery of 82nd HAA Rgt Essex W.A.F.B Mason 879842 WAR DIARY

    Please see the link above.
    Might be of interest.
    I have posted my transcription of my Grandfather's War diary 1939 to 1940 - Norwegian campaign in 'Royal Artillery' documents section . This is the dairy referred to in my posting 'searching for R Greenway Gunner ....' as referred to above.
    Kind regards

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