Northern Rhodesia Regiment, 11th (East African) Division

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    many thanks for taking the time to check the book for me. I cannot directly link the G.P.Thompson dog tags to the medals but they may have belonged to a relative of the medal's owner. Are there any other Thompson's listed?

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    Alas no other Thompson's, except for a Sgt. in WW1.

    Reading the text there is a mention of a Rhodesian Regiment (RR) detachment (x17 officers and x20 NCO) to Somaliland Camel Corps (SCC) in September 1939. Before the Italian invasion the 1st Battalion, Northern Rhodesia Regiment arrived (with another African Bn. from Nyasaland. The SCC under RR officers conducted cross-border raids, with medals awarded: MC x3, MM x2 and when British forces were evacuated to Aden in mid-August 1940; most of the SCC remained behind - presumably to return to civilian life, although still armed..

    It appears that Gerry has relied upon 'The war history of Southern Rhodesia, 1939-45' by John Forrest MacDonald, pub. 1947 in Southern Rhodesia. It was a two volume work and was reprinted in 1976. Perhaps it has more information and is in a library!
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    thank you again for checking the book for me. I am now pretty certain that there were no Thompsons other than 2nd Lt. E.C. Thompson awarded a Mention in Dispatches whilst serving with a Rhodesian Regiment, As his M.I.D. was awarded for service in Somaliland, my group should have an Africa Star with it. I can rule him out as the Africa Star is not ticked on the form. I also cannot say if he served in Burma or not. I also cannot prove a link between G.P. Thompson and the medal group so I have to accept that they may not belong together.

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