North Nova Scotia Highlanders

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  1. I'm looking for information about Hugh Patterson Christie. He was a soldier in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. Died in Germany on March 25, 1945.
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    RIP Hugh,
    I was born on the day you died for a free Deutschland.
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    I have a copy of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders regimental history:

    Bird, Will R. No Retreating Footsteps: The Story of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. Kentville, N.S.: Kentville Publishing Company, 1954.

    In the history, the action at Bienen, where your man was killed, is detailed over eighteen pages. In particular, the circumstance of his death are also included. He was quite heroic in this hard fought battle.

    I obtained a soft bound reprint of the history from the regimental museum a number of years ago. Here is the web address for the museum. At the time, I was in contact with C.W.O. Ray Coulson CD (Ret'd), who was the curator:

    In the meantime, I have copied the eighteen pages of the history and I have started a conversation with you, which will provide a download link.
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  7. Thank you so much !!
  8. Thank you , please send me a download link!!

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