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    This photograph shows five Servicemen from the North Irish Horse during the Second World War.
    Can you identify any of these men or know where the photograph was taken?

    I will be posting more on my Facebook page at The Second World War in Northern Ireland
    Any information would be very much appreciated.

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  2. AB64

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    I'd say the photo is post War, the man on the right has his trouser pocket on the outside rather than front which is a feature of 1949 pattern trousers - not sure if there were 1947 pattern trousers (there was definitely a 47 jacket) and if there was where the pocket was - the 1946 pattern had the pocket on the front so definitely post that
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    I'd agree - post 1947 when the regiment was reconstituted as an armoured car TA regiment According to its war diaries from the end of the war until then it was in much reduced form having lost all its tanks and having a severe shortage of men spending much of that time on POW guarding and other garrison duties in Germany and Yugoslavia
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    Thanks folks.

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