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Discussion in 'General' started by Garcod10, May 16, 2018.

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    Hello please could any one help me find the original place my great uncle was first buried. S/Sjt William Richard Howe was a glider pilot who died on the morning of d day as I’m going over to Normandy in June I would be very interested to know where he was first buried before he was re buried in Ranville. His document states the place of grave was Dives Sur Mer 1/50,000 France Sh 7E/6 MR 234802. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Garcod10
    If you look at this map:
    The D-Day Story, Portsmouth
    and then plot the map ref you've got, it should, if I'm not mistaken, equate roughly to these coordinates on Google Maps:
    49°17'41.2"N 0°05'24.3"W
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    This square screenshot.2018-05-16gggggg.jpg

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    Thank you for the information I’ve been to Cabourg but I now know where is the right spot. Thanks again
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    That second photo was that taken around D Day as his glider landed just off the beach.
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    I can tell you fairly accurately where he was killed. On the map that M Kenny posted, the glider was about where the letter 'a' in 'Bains' is. (My father was Taff Howe's co-pilot and pointed the spot out to me when we visited Cabourg shorty before his death-he said the glider was about 50 yards off the shore.)
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    Thanks Kevin it's Gareth Billy's great nephew you helped me out to find where his glider crashed. I looked at his C.W.G.C page and there's a graves concentration report on there which has his previous location of burial which was what I was looking for. It looks like his body was found on the 9/06/44 around the river mouth and he was originally buried as a unknown solider. I'm off over there in June so will place a cross for him around that spot. Thanks again. By the way I Lent my new copy of operation Tonga to a guy in work a few months back who finished whilst I was on holiday so I'll be buying a another copy more royalties for you..

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