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    Cheers Chris, I'll ask :)
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    by the way Im ex Royal Signals

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    It may be worth mentioning here that if the person who has not been commemorated was Scottish, or served in a Scottish regiment, then they may also be eligible for inclusion in the Rolls of the Scottish National War Memorial and its online database:

    The criteria for inclusion is:

    A member of the Armed Forces of the Crown or of the Merchant Navy, who was either a Scot (i.e. born in Scotland or who had a Scottish born father or Mother) or served in a Scottish Regiment and was killed or died (except as a result of suicide) as a result of a wound, injury or disease sustained (i) in a theatre of operations for which a medal has been or is awarded; or (ii) whilst on duty in aid of the Civil Power

    The SNWM includes post-1945 deaths as well as both World Wars, so the 1947 cut-off date which restricts inclusion on the CWGC database does not apply.

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    Joyce Florence Bowmer
    Died 2/4/1943
    Buried Littleham Cemetery Exmouth.

    I Would like to get some advice on Joyce Florence Bowmer, whose grave I photographed which said killed on active service.
    I found now entry on the CWGC website, so I asked a local historian form Exmouth if she knew anything about this incident.
    She informed me that she was an inspectress employed by the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate, She was adjusting her parachute and got distracted and walked in to the propeller of the plane she was about to inspect and suffered fatal injuries.
    Have included a photo of the headstone.

    All the best


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    Hello Rob

    It might be worth contacting CWGC with the info you already have and they will give advice.

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    I take you are saying that she should be on the CWGC Civilian Roll Of Honour?

    The criteria for this particular case would be that the aircraft would have to be military. If for instance the aircraft had not yet been delivered to the military then Joyce would not qualify for commemoration as this would be regarded as an industrial accident.


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    My aim is just to see if she can be included on the CWGC site, she flew in dual-control planes and took instrument readings and oil pressure readings. The location of her accident was not in the article I suppose for censorship reasons. So if I can find a location of her accident that could be the deciding factor.

    Many thanks


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