Nominal Roll - US 6th Rangers Battalion - Cabanatuan Raid

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    Found this nominal roll for US 6th Rangers Battalion for the Cabanatuan Raid 'The Great Raid' in the Philippines
    This document was given to the ADBC Museum from the files of the ADBC. The document as given to us is available as 6th Ranger Infantry Battalion in pdf form. This roster may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online. The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.
    The following Officers and enlisted men of the 6th Ranger Inf Bn., rescued 511 Japanese held POW from the camp near Cabanatuan, Luzon, P.I., 30 January 1945.
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    Narrative of the US 6th Rangers Battalion for January 1945 including their rescue of US servicemen at Cabanatuan Prison camp.

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    Does anyone have a roster of participants in the raid?
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    There may be more films but these two following the magnificent raid can be found on the British Pathe website and have similar content with an interview with a survivor from the Hofuku Maru - Sgt Robert Bell. Another interview is with a released American POW.

    At the date of his interview Sgt Bell only knew about the British and Dutch survivors who had swum to shore following the sinking of the Hofuku Maru on 21st September 1944 and who were then recaptured. A handful swam to shore and were not recaptured. Others picked up, eventually, by fishing boats and Japanese vessels, spent time in POW camps in Taiwan and in Japan. Sgt Bell was back in England by April 1945.

    For more on the Hofuku Maru see the thread on this site here:
    Hofuku Maru

    Links to films following the raid found on British Pathe site:

    Liberation Of Philippines Continues As Allied Forces Rescue Prisoners From Pow Camp

    Luzon - Swoop On Jap Prison Camp Releases 500
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