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    (RCAF) 6 Group in Yorkshire,U.K.

    Canadians served with Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons in the No. 6 Bomber Group – the only non-British group to serve in Bomber Command. By the end of the Second World War, No. 6 Bomber Group had carried out more than 40,000 sorties and approximately 8,000 decorations for bravery were awarded to its members.The map shows the northerly location of the RCAF 6 Group. This northerly location resulted in much poor weather for the Canadian Group due to fog and severe icing conditions.


    Stations operated by the RCAF, 6 Group in Yorkshire from Jan 1943 to war's end. In total 11 stations were controlled by the RCAF by 1945.

    Skipton-on-Swale: 433 Squadron and 424 (from Nov 43)
    Dalton: 428 Squadron and 424(May, 43)
    Croft: 427 Squadron
    Dishforth: 425 and 426 Squadron
    Middleton St George: 419 and 420 Squadrons
    Leeming: 408 and 424 Squadrons(from Apr-May, 43)
    Linton-on-Ouse: 408 & 426 Squadrons from June 43
    Tholthorpe: 420 Squadron (from Dec 43)
    No. 1659 HCU Topcliffe: 419 Squadron
    East Moor
    Group HQ at Allerton Park (Allerton Castle)
    Training Units:
    Long Marston


    All Canadian Squadrons were in the 400 number series and in total there were 15 Squadrons in the 400 series which served in 6 Group. Flying Wellington, Halifax and Lancaster bombers, No. 6 Group flew 39,584 operational sorties and suffered the lowest loss rate of all bomber groups at two per cent.

    Royal Canadian Air Force Bomber Squadrons,May,1945

    405 (City of Vancouver) Gransden Lodge
    408 (Goose) Linton-on-Ouse
    415 (Swordfish) East Moor
    419 (Moose) Middleton St.George
    420 (Snowy Owl) Tholthorpe
    424 (Tiger) Skipton-on-Swale
    425 (Alouette) Tholthorpe
    426 (Thunderbird) Linton-on-Ouse
    427 (Lion) Leeming
    428 (Ghost) Middleton St.George
    429 (Bison) Leeming
    431 (Iroquois) Croft
    432 (Leaside) East Moor
    433 (Porcupine) Skipton-on-Swale
    434 (Bluenose) Croft


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