No.6 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit, Staverton : ORBS April 1944

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    With help I've tracked down the Avro Anson which I'm researching.
    The pilot was Henry Thomas Leonard Bennett (26), on board he had three trainee's.
    Eric Frank Hopkin W. Op /Gunner (20)
    Norman Daniel Rixson W.Op / Gunner (20)
    John McNeil Air Bomber (21)

    They were on board an Avro Anson (EG138) and took off from Moreton Valance (satellite airfield of Staverton) on either the night of the 24th / 25th April 1944.
    The date of death is entered as 25th, but they may have took off late on the 24th ?

    Nr to Godmanchester (Cambs) they encountered two ME410's on an intruder mission, it is thought that Uffz Baier shot them down.
    There were no survivors.

    Question: Does anyone have the ORBS for this unit that might give me a little more back ground on the pilot and where they may have been heading, or what the exercise was?
    I am putting a story board together for our local museum, so any additional information is gratefully received.

    Many Thanks
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    Still looking for info on Anson EG138 in 2019? More info in 2017 book by Roger Leivers (Stirling to Essen) and his Facebook Godmanchester Stirling -
    4th trainee crew member killed was Canadian - According to it appears that he was a Canadian RCAF Pilot Officer Murray Minard. Casualties 25 Apr 1944
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    Found this web site/forum - theres a member on there who apparently has the report on this incident

    Avro Anson EG138 / Moreton Valence ORB? - Forum
    The post in question states :
    Hi Mike,
    I ma just back from Canberra, I had a look at the file and it was an accident. He was on approach to the airfield then dropped into the woods where he was killed. There is a 11 page report on the crash, if you contact me on harleyDOT158ATbigpondDOTcom I'll scan the report and send it to you. I had to order the copies which might take up to 3 weeks to arrive.
    With the emaill address replace the DOT and AT with the usual.

    Might be worth trying:
    a) to join that site and see if he is still a member
    b) contact the email addres and see if its still active

    Hope it answers your question(s)
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    Nothing to do with an accident and dropping into the woods on approach.

    From P/O Minard’s Service File:-
    minard_2.jpg minard_3.jpg
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  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Anson Files books states page 92

    EG138 6 AOS Crashed,presumed shot down by intruder ,Godmanchester,Cambs 25th April 1944
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    Hi TD, thank you for the info and to sailer for the report copies, great stuff. PO Murray Minard was my motherinlaws husband from 1940 to Apr 44 so I am now researching to find out more. He is listed on the Veteran Affairs Canada website which lists the Anson number, hence the search is on, all to be added to photos and notes we have. A link to the story of EG138 as researched by Roger Leivers in 2016 fuelled the search further since he did not know who the unknown person was. The Godmanchester Stirling

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