No. 17 Military Mission

Discussion in '1940' started by MongoUK, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Have found a reference in the files at Kew of a No. 17 Military Mission, WO 106/1652.

    Does anyone have any info on this?

    A previous post on here suggested that it may be worth a look at it to see if it's a typo, otherwise I've not previously seen mention of No. 17.
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    Ignore me, a further forum search found the following from Jedburgh22 ;

    "Maclean led a Military Mission - No 17 Military Mission into Yugoslavia - mainly political and logistical in nature it consisted mainly of SOE, PWE and SIS personnel - its purpose was to provide high level liaison to Tito and the Partisan Command staff and to organise priorities of supplies to the Partisans - the signals personnel were drawn from both the Royal Signals and the Royal Armoured Corps and they received specialized training from SOE before deployment. Casulaties were incurred both by German air raids on HQ locations as well as during Airborne and Ground attacks. "

    Could be an interesting read, but not what I was hoping, one I didn't really need for my Advanced Order for next week.
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    Funny enough, I copied something related on Saturday for a contact in the United States. I have not read it through yet:

    Croatia 2.jpg
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    Looks like that was no. 37 military mission? Either way, will be interesting to see what it says.

    I've already ordered it so I might as well copy it if I have time.

    The issue is, this is exactly the type of situation that sends you the down the rabbit hole on a completely different direction!
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    Having spent over ten years visiting TNA, I know exactly what you mean!!
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    My initial thoughts were incorrect, this file looks to be reports from France after the Dunkirk evacuation, during June 1940.

    Will sort through the files and see what I can see.
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