No 16 Casualty Clearing Station, May 1945

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    Hi everyone - I'm trying to find out a bit more about my grandfather Frederick Watts, service no 802762. It looks like he was admitted to No 16 Casualty Clearing Station in May 1945, and subsequently placed onto X list. Can anyone advise me how to find out more about the CCS, and if its possible to get records from them? Is it possible to find out about the nature of his injury? Thanks in advance

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    CCS records are available but, pretty sure that you won't get any personal records as they are restricted which is why you don't get them with service records.
    Search results: "16 c.c.s" | The National Archives

    That service number does not come up on the casualty lists.
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    Sometimes CCS records are very detailed on wounds and admissions . Sometimes they are not . It’s just a case of looking
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    Thanks Tony - I have ordered a copy of the 16 CCS war diaries from the archives to see what I can find out. Is there a separate source to search the casualty records?

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    That's interesting - any ideas why his records show him being admitted to a CCS but hes not on the casualty lists? I guess records might be incomplete?
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    Wo222 are usually the best .wo177 are usually unit admin
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    Looks like he was a Chef in the Army Catering Corps.

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    The lists contain details of those wounded, missing, killed in action, died from accident or disease or were POW. Pretty sure that anyone who was ill through disease or a medical condition would not be included, if they survived.

    May also be interested in seeing this:
    Casualty List No. 1

    Never seen WO 222, so can't comment, but this is the description:
    Browse records of other archives | The National Archives

    WO 417 is the list of casualties.
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  11. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    21 May 45 - 16 Casualty Clearing Station were located in Tilburg in Holland under command 5th Line of Communication Sub Area and disbanded 23 Aug 45

    Hope this helps

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine (under construction)
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    Yes he was - a career soldier from 1930 which I guess would have made him the old man of the unit. He was eventually declared medically unfit and discharged and I’m wondering if the visit to the CCS was connected
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    Many thanks Historic Steve . Great to get a location

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