No. 112 Army Cooperation Squadron, RCAF

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    I am trying to track the movements of this squadron on its departure from Canada. It was Winnipeg based and may have left for overseas on June 30th, 1940. I am trying to find when it left Winnipeg, the port of embarkation, and the ship it embarked on.

    I am actually trying to locate the movements of No. 1 Army Cooperation Squadron Intelligence Liaison Section, which shipped overseas with the squadron.

    Thanks in anticipation of any assistance.
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    The Winnipeg Tribune from 30 May 1940 has them arriving in the UK on 29 May, no ship named. Leader is given as S/Ldr W.F. Hanna of Winnipeg.

    The Winnipeg Tribune from 15 May 1940 has them at Ottawa "together with a large Winnipeg contingent from it now in Britain under the banner of No. 110 AC Squadron"

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    Ted Barris' book Behind the Glory:Canada's Role in the Allied Air War has an advance party of 112 Squadron sailing from Montreal for Liverpool on May 20th, the rest of the Squadron following in early June from Halifax on the Duchess of Athol.

    CANADA - FEBRUARY 13: Airmen get sky flag; Flying officer Byrne Jobin of No. 112 Squadron of the R.C.A.F.; the City of Winnipeg; holds the regimental color which was presented last week by Winnipeg's mayor; John Queen. (Photo by Toronto Star Archives/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
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    Thanks everyone for your help. RCAF is not my area of expertise though I have great detail on the Canadian Army moves.

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