No.11 Casualty Clearing Station, September 1943

Discussion in 'RAMC' started by Skip, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Skip

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    Hello All,

    Can anyone shed any light on where No.11 Casualty Clearing Station was on 9 September 1943. I know it was in Lebanon/Syria but not the specific location. This is important in tracing a casualty that was admitted to this CCS that morning.

    Any help gratefully received.


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  3. Skip

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    Cheers for that - very useful and I will add the unit files to my 'wants' list to be photographed when I next get down there. A location will do it as I know the man was definitely admitted that day, the question being in what area was he injured ...

    Really appreciate your post. Cheers

  4. ClankyPencil

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    Hi Skip

    Have you got anymore info about the casualty you are trying to trace?
    and how sure are you that the 11 CCS was in Lebanon/Syria?

    The reason i ask, is that on the date you give the main invasion of Italy had just started.
    The southern part of the invasion had commenced on the 3rd September (Operations Baytown & Slapstick) and the northern part of the invasion (Operation Avalanche) started that day (9th September).

    The thing is, is that most of the medical facilities for the invasion were based in North Africa and i think Sicily.
    I know the hospital ships for Op. Avalanche were doing shuttle runs between Salerno and ports like Bizerta and Bone.

    The only links i can think of to the Middle East were that the 8th Indian Division were based there, and they were the re-inforcements for Operation Slapstick part of the invasion (the Airbourne Division landings near Taranto).

  5. Skip

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    Cheers CP - the casualty feel off a cliff at night and his service record shows that he was admitted to No.11 CCS on the morning of the 9th. He's buried in Lebanon so I'm sure it'll be right, but i'd like to find out where he had the accident. The unit war diary doesn't come up with anything so, presuming that No.11 was the nearest aid point, I think finding out their location is the next best approach.



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