NIJMEGEN BRIDGEHEAD: II.SS Pz Corps' counterattack in October 1944

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by stolpi, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Steve, it is published by the local Historical association of Elst and I 'm afraid it only will be available in Dutch.
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    at the same time lol and amazement; the diver teams were supposed to put a 4 mtrs torpedo-like missile (of what ? 500 kgs?) against the buttress in vertical position (from horizontal floating position) this river, in this cold, with no helpful attachment points, no cranes or pulleys...
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    I have read the first parts of the new book from Jan Brouwer. It is only in Dutch, but no problem, it is not very world shoking. Bad researching and much open door kicking as we call it in the Netherlands. Even on this forum there can be found better information than in the book.,
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    just a great piece of research, ty.
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    Wow! There is a lot here. Well done!
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    Added two unique pictures of the rail road level-crossing at De Laar to post #19 of this thread. Both pictures were taken in the Summer of 1945.
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    Tipped by somebody about this item on TV... Great work in our small country.
    We will remember them...
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    Gentlemen ,
    In following on the splendit posts of Stolpi ,

    A dutch telegrafist 320 sqwadron sgt L Bernet (MLD) bommed on 3 okt a strong point near doornenburg (maby casel Doornenburg or Fortres Pannerden ?)
    and on 5 okt 1944 a strong point at Angeren .

    see link :

    This brave man is still allife , bud his memorys are fading away , a great man (i know him , from the visits at schaarsbergen baraks museum reg v Heutsz , were i work . )

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    The Diary also shows that he was involved in the (tragic) bombing of Huissen near Arnhem on 2 October 1944.
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    Jess correct
    ,bud it took a long time before he new about this tragic bombing .
    And he is still confeusd about it ,
    He told me i did my job , to free the country of the germans , i did my best .
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    Bump - With the Airborne Battle at Arnhem over, the Germans, on 1 October 1944, turned their full attention to the elimination of the Allied bridgehead across the Waal at Nijmegen
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    As you've put so much effort into this thread I feel it deserves to be pinned.
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    I concur.

    The violent German attack and the stubborn German resistance encountered by American 7 Armoured Division at Overloon caused the cancellation of operation Gatwick, planned for 10 October, a thrust intended to reach the Rhine near Krefeld.
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    Just found this thread.

    What a magnificent piece of research !!!


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    Restored another one .
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    Did you loose them all again Stopli
    Nice way to get a bump
    Best Matt
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    Reburial of two soldiers of the 4th Wiltshire Regiment at the Oosterbeek War Cemetery on Oct 5th, 2016:

    Twee Britse soldaten Slag om Arnhem herbegraven

    Both were killed during the fighting around the 'De Laar Farm'. Their bodies were recovered in 2013: Casualty Details and Casualty Details

    WW2talk member Nijmegen and I will be present and post some pictures in this thread. The ceremony will take place at 10:00 hrs.
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    good stuff. Look forward to the next posting.

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