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Discussion in 'General' started by Stuart.Murray, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Stuart.Murray

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    The past few years I have been looking into the war in my local area, Highlands of Scotland. I stay in Alness and the area had a couple of Naval bases and Fuel Depots. I always knew there was old buildings not far from RAF Fearn overlooking the North and South Sutors but naively ignored them as I thought it would just be a pile of Bricks. I couldnt have been more wrong and found some very impressive artillery batteries c/w shafts running underground. I am planning another visit tomorrow to try and get some more information.
    Can anyone help me with the following information if possible,

    • What type of guns might have been used?
    • There is camo paint on the buildinsg, Would this be original or later?
    • When were they built? I have heard conflicting stories saying WW1 and WW2
    • Any photos of when they were in operation?
    • What regiment operated them? I have heard storied that Norwegians operated and trained there.
    Any information people would have would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Hazel Clark

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    Hi Stuart,

    I have not looked much at the Nigg side, but many of the emplacements on the Cromarty side date from WW1. As i am sure you know, Invergordon was one of the bases for the fleet during both wars. The Depot of the Seaforth Highlanders was based at the Cromarty Fort on the South Sutor, and there were segments of Royal Artillery there also. In that you live in the area, I suggest that you contact Eric Malcolm, an engineer who retired to Cromarty some years ago, whose father was the local headmaster. Eric has written a few books on the area, and has a wealth of information on which he used to give lectures to the History Society. He will certainly know where to find information that he does not have himself. His number is in the local phone book, on Gordon's Lane. I don't want to put it on here.

    Hazel C.
  3. toki2

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    Quite a lot of info on Canmore plus Secret Scotland web pages.
  4. Bernard85

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    good day stuart.murray, battery-help required,just go to google.type in nigg.and you will get the history you are searching for.regards bernard85
  5. Leif E Broch

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    Hi Stuart.
    I found your post when I was searching for information on Fort Nigg where my father was a recruit in The Norwegian Briade in 1944. Could I ask if you got any further in your search? This as I am looking into my fathers history.

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