Newspaper used to line the bottom of a metal trunk.

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  1. GeoffMNZ

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    I think that old newspapers are a great source of information. In New Zealand we have Papers Past, which is free! unlike many other countries
    Like the above newspaper articles that are personal & local stories, they give a great insight into what happened at the "coalface" to ordinary people rather than the official narrative.

    Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    As Geoff says, old newspapers are a great source of inspiration.
    I have somewhere a copy of a newspaper from Cardiff, published on the day the Germans gave in. Inherited from my Dad. Lost it in our last house move.
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    Last year, or it might have been 2017, I took up a subscription with FMP and searched for newspaper mentions of the 500 or so Liverpool Regiment soldiers who perished in Burma during the first Wingate expedition. From the resources of the Liverpool Echo and Evening News, I picked up info, obits and photographs of 40-50 men. Old newspapers are great.
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    I remember back in the mid 70's you could buy weekly editions of 'The War Papers ' with posters inside.
    My father used to buy them, I think there was over 70 issues and my father had the first 30 or so and then cancelled his order.
    Don't know what happened to them.

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  6. bamboo43

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    We used to get these too Graham. I feel a trip to the loft coming on.
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  8. High Wood

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    As highlighted by this thread, local newspapers are far more useful than the daily newspapers for reports of individual soldiers and first hand (if somewhat limited) accounts of events.
  9. Guy Hudson

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    Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 18.54.24.png
    MOULSTER 1939.png
    Craftsman Harry Brian MOULSTER R.E.M.E.
    22nd December 1922 - 1Q 1983 Dunstable, Bedfordshire
    Prophetic pre-war job title !
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    Reginald Corley was my uncle and a very nice one at that! When I was a child, he would often turn up with a box of Smarties in his jacket pocket and then give me his jacket to hang up - first giving it a slight tell-tale shake. He survived, having been taken prisoner of war. He became a high-end London tailor in civilian life.
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    Sounds like part of the Fagin pick -pocket training technique ;)
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    Ha! Yes, it does, doesn't it!

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