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    Whilst searching for something else I came across these 2 items which caught my attention in the Suffolk free press 1942-43;
    August 27th 1943

    Two Sudbury girls, Irene Willets and Ethel Sutcliffe, factory hands, were charged with unlawfully fraternising with Italian P.O.W.’s.. C.S.M. Hogg of the 10th Suffolk Home Guard said while passing along Melford road near the Stone Cottages he saw two Italian prisoners talking to girls, he went for Supt Hurst who accompanied him back, the Supt said the prisoners work for a Rodbridge farmer and lived in one of the Stone cottages, the Clerk asked if they were allowed on the public highway, Supt Hurst said “oh yes but they are not allowed to go more than one mile away”, he said the prisoners were provided with bicycles to allow them to attend the Roman Catholic church in Sudbury. Dismissed.
    AND, (I like the description of disgusting Swank!!)
    October 1st 1842

    Disgusting swank was the Coroner’s comment on an airman’s flying at an inquest at Chedburgh Hall near Bury St Edmunds concerning the terrible death of Ronald King aged 29 a Yorkshire man who was employed at Chedburgh who was killed by a low flying aircraft’s propeller. Fred Buckingham said he saw the twin engined plane fly over at the height of 40 ft , he shouted at some workers to lie down, next thing he saw was the victim fall down, it was ascertained that Sgt Evans was the pilot of a trainer aircraft which had landed at Swans Hall at Hawkedon. Misadventure.
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    Follow up to the Disgusting Swank.
    November 5th 1942

    John Fiaherty of 103 Ballingdon Street admitted failing to submit himself for a medical examination for military service. £3.

    The recent fatality at Chedburgh when Ronald King was killed by the propellers of low flying aircraft was the reason for the appearance at a court martial of Sgt Pilot Herbert Evans who pleaded not guilty to flying an aircraft at such a low altitude causing it to strike King. Evans is 19 years old and is a flying instructor at Chedburgh, he has been under close arrest for two months and is a broken man. Not guilty on the 2nd charge and no findings on the 1st charge.

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