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    I have just got my Grandfathers military record and although I beginnng to understand most of his service, I am struggling on a period in the early days of the war. His record shows that he was mobilized on the 02/09/1939 from the reserves list back to his old regiment the Cameronians the 9th Brigade. It then goes on to show he disembarked in France with the BEF on the 14th Sept but does not show him with the Cameronians but his unit is shown as Lab Sec 1-10 Fort George and then it shows him returning to the UK for Christmas and his unit is shown as 18 coy AMPC.
    He is finally shown as back with the Cameronians in the UK in Feb 1940.
    Can anyone shed any light on what might have been going on and who were the 18 coy AMPC.
    Rifleman Joseph Ransley No 3239457
    Many Thanks
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    Welcome Gary,

    Although conscious that you need to be cautious with Wikipedia their entry for the Royal Pioneer Corps - Wikipedia seems to provide a fair summary of the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps and how your father came to be briefly assigned to it.
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    Gary, You grandfather is mentioned on two casualty lists.

    Casualty List No 1233 Dated 8 September 1943.
    Expeditionary Forces / Middles East / Sicily.
    Royal Ulster Rifles (2nd Bn. London Irish Rifles)
    3239457 Ransley L/Cpl J Date of casualty not reported.

    Casualty List No 1243 Dated 20 September 1943
    Corrects date of casualty to 5 Aug 1943
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    Thanks Richelieu proved useful reading.
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    Thanks Tony56, he received a gunshot wound to his right arm and neck when fighting with the London Irish at the Simeto River crossing in Sicily. The wound put an end to his fighting days but he continued serving in various roles until the end of the war. The family story is that if not for his tobacco tin the shot would have been fatal.
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    For reference, this is the war diary details at The National Archives:

    WO 167/1254 18 Company AMPC Sep 1939-Jun 1940.
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