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    Hello to you all.

    First of all, thanks for letting me be a part of this community.
    On my research through the internet about the battle of the Hochwald gap (Operation Blockbuster) I stumbled across these forums, and I created an account to download some of the maps of the Rhineland area.
    Afterwards, I discovered so many interesting threads, so I decided to become a (more or less) active member here.
    Having been interested in WW2 since a kid, my interests are now mainly focused on areas where I live (and used to live).
    Being born in the west of Holland, I live in Germany since the late eighties, and like to visit places nearby on the search for battle areas of WW2.
    If anyone plans trips like these, please feel free to contact me.
    Thankfully my (grown up) son is equally interested, and although I (we) visited some places together, (Hochwald gap, Fliegerhorst Venlo, Wyler area, Groesbeek, Kranenburg (as seen on the pictures below) IMG_20180218_202910.jpg , Overloon, Nijmegen... etc 2018-Feb.-18_20-19-26.jpeg . we'd be happy to join others to do so (and learn more ) .
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome aboard Coen.
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    Welcome Coen!

    Op Blockbuster also has my interest.
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    Welcome and enjoy.!!!
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    Welcome :)
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    Welcome. Is there much left of Venlo airfield?
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    Thanks for your Welcome posts, guys.... should I say lads? :)

    The buildings I've seen and visited are on the German side of the border.
    One of them are the remains of a big hangar (Rundbogenhalle), still standing in the woods.
    The other one is a brick building only a few meters away, which was heated (Wärmehalle), and used to repair parts and engines. It could fit a single german fighter plane.
    Remnants Fliegerhorst Venlo Herongen - Venlo Herongen -
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