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Discussion in 'Recce' started by Terry Robbins, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Terry Robbins

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    Hi Guys and Girls , been a while , am trying to track down a friend of my Grandfathers , have just been told a story by my Aunt , apparently this New Zealand friend of Grandads who's family ran a sheep farm , sent them an hole carcass , which my Nan had put in the local butchers freezer , after doing a little deal with him , I presume the butcher got so much of the carcass and had a bit at a time , sorry about be so long winded , as the Recce guys seemed to be a very tight group , I'm thinking , he must have been in same Troop , that's 11 Troop 2 squad 5 Recce , I have no name , am asking a friend in New Zealand to inquire out there for me ( he was over for a few weeks resantly and we visited the Commonwealth war cemetery at Brookwood , brilliant day and very humbling to think all these men have there lives for us ) so any idea's where to look would be appreciated . Tez
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  3. Terry Robbins

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    Yes , sorry and thanks for the link :wacko:
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    Depends on what you are trying to find out, do you know for certain he was 5 Recce? Did he survive the war? I suggest, in order - name - service records - war diaries.
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  5. Terry Robbins

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    He definitely survived the War , as the story is from the early 50's and as my Grandfather was with 5th Recce from January 22rd 1941 until sent home and admitted E.M.S at southport , I'm presuming the Gentleman was with the 5th Recce , sorry if it's a bit vague but my Grandmother in her grief at Grandads passing burnt all the letters and photos , so I have very little to go on , I've tried all the family , but with no luck , just thought if I threw it out there someone my be able to help to point me in the right direction ??
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    Through genealogical web sites using the marriage certifciate/record you can find his name

  7. Terry Robbins

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    Thanks guys , I'll keep you posted on how I get on . Tez

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