New Zealand Farm Camp, Salisbury Plain

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  1. Kiwi Sapper

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    Stumbled across information on New Zealand Farm Camp on the Salisbury Plains.
    Is there any information out there on what units used this camp during WW2.
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  2. Uncle Target

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    Salisbury plain Circa 1980
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    Can’t upload the picture but search for Imber village, it’s just N of that (on Google Earth)

    Managed it!

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  5. S Hayward

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    Added a couple of plots that might be useful to future research

    Both use topographic data from the National LIDAR Program:

    1) Relative Topography (useful generally - blue = lower ground, red = higher ground).

    2) Slope angle (good for picking out subtle and even buried features, interestingly in the top right there is a circular object that might be a small pond or bomb crater?, There is also a small area to the south of the farm that has been flattened).

    I note too a pillbox on the aerial that is a bit too small to resolve on the slope angle plots.


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