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  1. hucks216

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    I've done a quick search and can not find any mention of this by title. I wasn't aware of it until yesterday when I saw a poster for it at Liverpool Street Station so don't know too much about it.
    Hurricane tells the story of the Polish fighter pilots of 303 Squadron who fought during the Battle of Britain. It hits the cinemas on 7th September but as of yet I don't know how widespread the release will be. So far I can only find one single screening for where I live although whether that will change as the date gets nearer I don't know.

    Anyway, here is the IMDb entry for it - Hurricane

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  2. Markyboy

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    Likewise, only saw this on a poster at Charing x this week. Sounds good but the actor in the middle is one of the most wooden blokes I’ve ever seen on screen. Watch a clip of the sitcom ‘Vicious’ if you want an example!
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    i dunno, Iwan Rheon played that vicious bastard ramsay bolton in game of thrones.
    played it well imo.
  5. idler

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    If a Gibson's involved, I suspect the English will be the enemy rather than the Germans...
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  6. Jamie Holdbridge-Stuart

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    Nice to see a new BofB film with the Hawker Hurricane centre stage for once. Really enjoyed it in an ‘Angels One Five’ kind of way. That’s how it came across to this ‘umble reviewer, like a colour version of them 1950s stiff upper lip epics we were all brought up on!

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    This film is now available in the UK (at least) on Netflix.
  8. bamboo43

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    I only recently got a telly with all the new capabilities and saw this highlighted on the Netflix schedule too.
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  9. Seroster

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    It does not seem to be in Canadian Netflix yet but I will continue to hope!
  10. Drew5233

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    I have a question having watched the movie today. What was the significance of the pilots having the top button on their jackets undone?
  11. CL1

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    Ok it keeps the history of the time alive (as I always say)

    At the start shows Poles as only fit for bomber crew then moves through them finally convincing RAF in getting 303 Squadron at Northolt squared away
    germans think that the air war will be a stroll in the park to win
    British blokes in pub have fisiticuffs with Polish airman
    Women involved with various RAF types
    British shown as rather twonkish
    Canadian Squadron Leader gets them into shape
    Lots of dog fight scenes very poor CGI
    Show Poles as brave pilots knocking down more germans than any other squadron
    Ends in 1946 without the Poles marching in the victory parade

    All rather hurried really
  12. hucks216

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    Probably the only decent thing that can be said about this. I'm watching it now and it is awful, the CGI really ruins it. I don't think I will be rushing to watch it again any decade soon.
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  13. von Poop

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    Hadn't noticed it existed. Loose end, saw it was in the Netflix listings, watched it, and here it is as the first thread in our list.
    It's alright.
    Was concerned it'd go a bit heavy-handed on the 'evil English' aspect, as is often de rigueur, but nowhere near as full on as it could have been, and it is impossible to cover the Poles that fought from UK resources without some mention of their disgraceful treatment at the victory parade & close of hostilities.
    CGI a bit odd indeed, but the piece makes one success in getting across the visceral hatred of the Germans, & avoiding romanticising the actual war itself, along with the brutality the men may well have seen, and would see.
    I'll probably forget it quite soon.
    Judged as a film - s'alright. Meh. Plod.
    Judged as history - it's a film.

    (GoT's Ramsey Bolton as the main chap is indeed quite odd.
    Find myself half-expecting him to start skinning someone or cutting their privates off. Pity the actor! )
  14. 509thPIB

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    Here is the movie trailer for HURRICANE, a film about 303 Polish Squadron.

  15. hucks216

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  16. Owen

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  17. Markyboy

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    I watched this earlier in the week. Nothing special, but could have been worse. The acting was pretty good for once although we got the usual stereotypes. I agree the CGI is very poor quality and was a bit distracting.

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