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    It's not clear to me if this is effectively self-published, but Armour Publishing Ltd of the UK are apparently planning a 16 volume history of the WW2 desert war, starting once the Germans get involved, under the title "Infantry, Artillery, and Tank Combat in Libya and Egypt"...

    The first volume has an enormously long title:

    A detailed fighting account of: 2nd Armoured Division 9th Australian Division
    3rd Indian Motor Brigade 7th Support Group and 22nd Guards Brigade
    in combat with the Afrikakorps and units of the Ariete Brescia Bologna Pavia
    and Trento Divisions: February – May 1941

    This is an 850 page hardcover, and costs... 90 pounds. Or 130 pounds if you want to order it to Canada.

    There are a couple of reviews of it on which are very positive.
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    I know the author (Julian Shales) from some 10 years back when he was working on a 'Villers Bocage' Book. He shared his unpublished manuscript and it was impressive. Very detailed with an emphasis on first-hand accounts many of which I had never seen before or since. Obviously his contacts are good. I expect this book will be as impressive.
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    The problems with books like this that run for multiple volumes is that there is no guarantee that they will complete the entire series and also the obvious problem of the amount of time the series will take to complete, assuming they do complete it. The first volume I believe is only just being listed for sale and yet according to the website it should of been released last year, while volume 2 was due to be released this past summer (2016) which would indicate that the run is delayed already so a series that you would expect to take 16 years to complete (based on one volume per year release) could actually take 20, 25 or even 30 years to complete due to delays. And if it is £90 now what will the price be in 10-20 years time for new volumes? I was tempted to buy the first volume with a view to trying to complete the series but the amount of ifs and unknowns is a big negative in my view, let alone wondering if I'll be around to complete the series.
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    Colin who is reviewing this lives down the road from me and used to work with my wife small world.
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