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  1. Here you go, Owen.. Hopefully, this is clearer..

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    The last word is w.e.f.
    Posted to RASC Sec, 149 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. SOS this unit with effect from 17.7.44
    522 Coy Inf Bde Posted from RASC Section 149 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 2.10.44

    A/U/L/Cpl = Acting unpaid Lance-Corporal, acting unpaid being a probationary period before Paid rank would be granted

    Further down there is a Mention in Despatches London Gazette 9 August 1945
    Link to gazette entry and earlier headings
    Link to the LG issue for his C de G. 16 Jan 1947, with earlier headings

    See linked post for oak leaf emblem worn to denote a Mention in Despatches
    He should also have 8th Army Clasp on Africa Star as per entry 6.12.43
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  4. Thanks for that. I have that medal in my hand right now !

    On this text:

    "Posted to RASC Sec, 149 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. SOS this unit with effect from 17.7.44" - So, he was taken from 522 COY and posted to 149 Field Ambulance RAMC ?
    "522 Coy Inf Bde Posted from RASC Section 149 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 2.10.44" - He goes back to his original position within 522 COY ?

    Is that how i should read this ? That, basically means that, during the time that he was awarded his CdG, he was operating as an ambulance driver for the 149 Field Ambulance Unit and i should try to get hold of their war diary ?
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    Smashing, how about a photo of his medals?

    Well sort of yes: he worked with 149 Fld Amb but he was attached to them, as part of an undesignated RASC Section working with that RAMC unit. ...( like a parent company temporarily lending one of their employees out to a subsidiary )

    You really can't tell what might be useful within a war diary until you have a look at it. But if it were me, I'd be checking out as much as I could.

    If as you say, you're set on pinning down the location at that given time, then it would be worth checking out both the 9DLI WD for where they set up their RAP (prob near to their HQ) and where they crossed, as well as the 149 Field Ambulance diary to see where they were located within all of that.
    And, 522 Coy, since it was his parent unit, to see how they recorded, organised and deployed.
    And the various H.Q. RASC / CRASC 50 Div. in the earlier theatres.

    Field Ambulances may also have been split between the various battalions within a division, they too being attached units, or units "under command".

    big diary, seems to cover all their war, but you don't need all of it...
    Reference: WO 177/735
    Description: 149 Fd. Amb.
    Date: 1940 Jan.- Apr., June - 1945 Jan.
  6. I now have the full WD's for 9DLI, 522 Coy and 149 Ambulance on order with TNA.. Once they all, arrive, i should be able to cross-examine in order to pin precise locations down on the 7th-10th of November, 1944.. I think i'm pretty close.

    I'm going to get a whole bunch of medals from my mum this weekend and will be glad to post pictures..

    My focus now is:

    - Gather as much intelligence as i can about the 9DLI movements on the 8th-10th of November, '44, pin down exact location of crossing.. GO THERE and pay my respects.. Hopefully Gil ("Jonesy123") can help me further here.

    - Find out more about the family that Harry stayed with in Weurt/Nijmegen in 1944/45 (photos coming). I may try to track the family down... I have some of their belongings, including an old bible given to my Grandad as a momento

    - Create some detail against the 1940-1945 timeline for the 50th Division and see if i can find any specifics in terms of what my grandad would have seen

    I continue to be very appreciative of any help that you can give me..

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    September? :)
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    You found the place :)

    If I'm correct and please correct me if I'm not, the 8th DLI (with A Coy) did the initial attack with assault boats at this spot on September the 8th around 4:30 PM. It was besides the blown up bridge of Stelen. After the rest of the 8th battalion crossed over, engineers started to construct a Class 9 bridge at that same spot. It had to be finished around 11 PM but the Germans did everything in their power to keep it from being constructed. An 88mm which was constant being moved, was causing a lot of problems. Arround 2:00 AM the next day it was operational (for a while..) This bridge had to some real hard times because it was destroyed again 2 or 3 times and a couple of engineers lost their lives fixing it.

    After 6th DLI the 9th DLI crossed over on September the 10th. By this time the 555th Field Coy also started to make a Class 40 bridge some 1,7 miles North West at Geel - Punt near Liesel.

    Anyway I have a picture of the Class 9 bridge at Geel Stelen which I think your grandfather crossed many times. I added it with an recent picture. Notice the left house in the back...

    For more pictures just give me a PM



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    From Jim ( Verrieres ) at DLI 1920-46 ;-

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    Definitely try to contact the family you mention. I did exactly that in the case of a family my father was billeted with in Aerschot Belgium and it was magical meeting the family especially when I showed the gentleman a couple of photos, one of him at the age of about five and his comment about the other photo which was "oh, that's my father!". Remember we live in the Internet age so a good start is not just the Phone Book but also, for example, a person search via Google or Facebook. Good luck: nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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    Hello Darren,

    Prior to WWII the 50 Div was a three brigade infantry division, the three brigades being 149th (all Royal Northumberland Fusliers), 150th (see post no. 32) and 151st (see post no. 19). However, it as decided not long before WWII to convert the Division to a motorised division, such that it moved fast by transport rather than being old fashioned footsloggers and as such, one brigade was disbanded; this was the 149th Infantry Brigade.

    One of the three battalions of the departing 149th, the 4th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, stayed with 50 Div as its reconnaissance regiment. Other remnants of the 149th connection stayed, including the 149th Field Ambulance, RAMC.

    As has been described, your grandfather remained with the RASC but was assigned at least of the time of his Belgian CdeG to assist the 149th Field Ambulance.

    One of my great grandfathers served with the 4th Bn [Royal] Northumberland Fusiliers, 149th Infantry Brigade, 50 Div, in WWI.

    After the BEF debacle, 50 Div was converted back to a pure infantry division and the 69th Infantry Brigade (see post no. 32) was added from its second line outfit, the 23rd (Northumbrian) Division, to bring it back up to three brigades.

    Hope this helps explain/connects a part of the jigsaw.


  13. Thanks, everybody.. more pieces to my puzzle.. I'll keep this group posted with progress.. Keep it coming !

    Hey, Gil.. I PM'ed you.. Are those shots across the canal looking north or south ?

  14. Don't worry, Gil.. Just found it on "Street View" in Google Maps.. Amazing ! Theres actually a little road leading down to the very site ! Thanks so much.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you..
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    A quiet observation,

    the research skills of members here is amazing.


    I am a genealogist of 10 years standing, and they surpass me!

  16. Steve (and others). Incredibly useful post above on 50th div, thanks..

    Can you please help me understand how 522 Coy and the other units mentioned (such as 149 ambulance and "HQ RASC" etc) in Harry's records fit into the bigger picture of 50th Div, 151st infantry, 9DLI and so on.

    I'm a little confused as to the hierarchy here..

  17. Agreed, John. I am astounded by the level of knowledge here.. I have made much more progress than expected in my first week, thanks to this forum.

    What did the number in your post mean ??
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    It varied slightly from Campaign to Campaign but for North west Europe;-

  19. Incredibly useful. Thanks, Kyle !
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