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Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Mary Cole, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Hello, my name is Mary and my father, Harry, was with 387 DUKW coy in Burma. My profile picture shows him driving a DUKW. I am writing his life story and recently came across this very useful article ( which tells you all about what they did in India and Burma. 387 DUKW coy actually was given over to infantry at the battle of Kohima and were tasked with holding the Aradura spur, Kohima. After Kohima, my father joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers for 1 month when they took a Hill at Mao Songsong before rejoining the DUKW company, going across the Chindwin and Irrawaddy rivers before going on to Rangoon.

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    Welcome to the forum. I've moved your post to it's own user intro thread
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    Welcome to the forum Mary. Good luck with your project in relation to your father's WW2 experiences.
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    G'day Mary, and welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with your research.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Thank you. It's all a bit frustrating as the MOD don't have my fathers Army B103 form which I gather gives more detail so, I've spent hours on the web and had some help from others with some more expertise than myself. I can't believe that relatives have to go to these lengths to find out what their loved ones did. My father was one of the "forgotten army " and it feels a little like they have been forgotten once more. Unless I go to Liverpool, I can't find out which ship he was on, he was RASC so got moved all over the place so I can't access a regimental diary!!
    Such a shame there is not some central database for research. Never mind, at least he came home.
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