New Thread on D-Day?

Discussion in 'Network Information, Suggestions and Feedback' started by Kip, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. dbf

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    Until something else is devised, Tags can be searched at this link.
    There's also a 'cloud' of those most frequently used which will be updated as more and more Tags are added to the forum.
    Search Tags | WW2Talk
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    If he's a waster then get yourself out of there and get a life"
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    Search button.
    > More.
    >>Search Tags

    Same, but started by placing cursor in the search box.
  4. Kip

    Kip YouTUBE Channel - Southampton on D-Day

  5. Kip

    Kip YouTUBE Channel - Southampton on D-Day


    Categories need sorting. Search Engine is good but the absence of a section on D-Day 1940 is a terrible oversight.

  6. Charley Fortnum

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    Not sure that would generate much material.
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  7. dbf

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    Your suggestion has been acknowledged and responded to with explanations, examples, detail and courtesy.
    New Thread on D-Day?
    New Thread on D-Day?
    New Thread on D-Day?

    No-one on the Mod team saw a need for any change as per your observation. That's the way it goes, and in order to illustrate that this is not personal in any way, from time to time my own suggestions have been turned down as impracticable/unnecessary.

    (Please note: in all this time as far as I am aware you are the first to make such a suggestion. Our membership includes at least two Veterans of Normandy landings, who've never expressed dissatisfaction with the layout, as well as many relatives of veterans of the 6th June 1944/NWE - including myself. My g. uncle was a 'D-Day' veteran and my father landed later in June '44. Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?)

    Separating actual landings from subsequent campaigns is unnecessary and would only lead to a confusing overlap as well as a disruption to existing threads. This hasn't been done for Norway, for the Far East, for North Africa, or for Italy either. Despite the scale of 6th June 1944, or even perhaps because of it, I personally see no reason to treat NWE 1944/45 any differently. Over the 15 years this place has been up and running, Theatre headings have proved to be the most effective solution for grouping together campaign-related topics. Tagging enhances this as has been demonstrated by the numerous examples you were given.

    There is no oversight; on the contrary there is a mass of information available here.

    Sadly, all I see here is someone, unfamiliar with actual forum content, confusing the absence of a heading (dedicated to one day) with lack of coverage.

    I note that a few members have already made complimentary remarks on your youtube links and have expressed a hope that you choose to continue to share here.
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  8. Drew5233

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    No but we have one on Dunkirk :lol:

  9. stolpi

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  10. Uncle Target

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    Such is the effect of the media. May I quote from someone in Italy at the time:“The Second Front of course has occupied our thoughts almost as much as yours. Knowing that the whole future of the war depended on our progress in the first few days, we forgot entirely the front line out here and have only just begun again to take an intelligent interest in our future. As I write now things seem to be shaping remarkably well, though in the violent armoured battles there is an unpleasant reminder of our earlier days at Anzio. But if they’ve got as much stuff in as we did there seems no reason why Rommel shouldn’t suffer just as badly as Kesselring. One thing is very comforting they’ve already got the beaches out of shell range. That was the worst thing by far at Anzio. The knowledge that wherever you went a sudden fountain of dirt and smoke was liable to explode around you. When travelling in a truck, this was particularly unnerving because you couldn’t hear the shell coming. My butterfly phase is over and I’m back once more amongst the horrors of war. But the Italian front is not what it was! Our mild exploits seem very outmoded and moth eaten compared with the mighty events in France. It would seem that we have had our day and must sit down and wait now for the end of things in good patience. So contrary and illogical does war make us that we all feel pangs of envy and impatience when we hear the news of the sweeping blitz in Normandy and the steady expansion of the Southern France Bridgehead. Like Napoleon we have acquired a certain taste for glory, depraved no doubt, but quite unmistakeable. And it’s that which is going to be the greatest threat to settling down cheerfully again after the war”. Lt HN Beadle lies with his three comrades in Florence War Cemetery. They called them D-Day Dodgers.
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  11. Steve Mac

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  12. idler

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    There was a documentary on the telly last week which had a similarly prominent tricolore on Sword, though it did manage a Union flag against Gold.
  13. SteveDee

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    It is jus (ow you zay?) ze French senze of 'umour!
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  14. Dave55

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  15. SteveDee

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  16. Tom OBrien

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    Having avoided comment so far, and mainly stuck to just giggling immaturely, I was struck by the advice I saw here on how to try to make money using YouTube:

    Just saying! :whistle:

    Perhaps we should have a "Making money section" on the forum with sub-threads for stuff like YouTube, Farceache, Instathingy, Twotter and all those other trendy yoof like ways to earn cash. :box:

    I'm just off to read a book...:D:surr:


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  17. High Wood

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    I think that there should be a separate forum for the 14th March 1941 which was the day that my granny's house had its windows blown out by enemy action. Her clean washing was blown off the line as she hadn't had time to bring it in when the sirens went off. This alone was a topic of conversation for many years as was the fact that there was no new glass available for the windows.

    I strongly feel that that this is a vastly under-researched aspect of the war that deserves a higher much profile on the forum, particularly seeing first hand the effect it had on my granny. My granny never tired of telling anyone that would listen, "I had to do all my blxxdy washing again and the bleep bleep mangle was all bent out of shape".

    I respectfully ask that the moderators change the name of the website to the 14th March 1941 talk so that the tribulations that my granny underwent can be given the recognition that they deserve.
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  18. High Wood

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    Why haven't you changed the name of the forum yet?
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  19. Owen

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    Righto you lot , back to normal please.
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