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  1. von Poop

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    Aye, chaps.
    Chatting with a few members and am trialling a new category for stuff on the very early war and specific build-up to it.
    Placed within the 1940 section for now - 1940 area being a slightly peculiar heading, but we all know it's about the French/Flanders business in WW2T's context - think there might be scope for a place relating to political storm-clouds, Poland, early desert etc.

    Selected the dates for WW2 stuff that doesn't quite count as 'pre-war' as it's intrinsically related to the build-up. Those dates might change; possible that '36 is a better starting point so we can save the power-obtaining period of Nazism for the Third Reich forum.

    We'll see.

  2. amberdog45

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    Sounds good. Hope to see more in the future.

    Got me thinking though, did Hitler use his u-boats/subs during the Spanish Civil War? He certainly trialled his air force on the Spanish people. Can't recall reading anything about him helping Franco with marine power.
  3. von Poop

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    Good point on Spain.
    I'd imagine that business would fit within the remit.
    Hmmm, another reason to consider '36 as a start point.
  4. TriciaF

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    I've read various sources about escape routes to Spain over the Pyrenees, and I wonder why Spain stayed neutral during WW2, when they had a fascist ruling party there, following the Spanish Civil War?
  5. spidge


    Due to a very smart young General Francisco Franco. There are a few good threads on here about why which make interesting reading. If no one puts the links up I might get a chance to do so later tonight.


  6. TriciaF

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    Thanks Spidge - I would search for the links, but what are the keywords? eg WW2 neutral countries? etc
  7. ritsonvaljos

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    With regards to Spain's neutrality during WW2, its official line was that it was 'non-belligerent'. As I understand it, this was meant to indicate the Spanish Government's sympathy towards the Axis powers (Germany and Italy) without actually entering into the conflict against the Allies.

    Thus, the Germans and Italians could observe (or attempt to observe) what was going on in the Fortress of Gibraltar from neutral Spain. There are still German-built pillboxes in La Linea (facing the Rock of Gibraltar) which anyone interested can visit (I have photographs of them).

    Many people will know about the Italian use of Spain as the base for their underwater attacks on Gibraltar. Others will no doubt be aware of 'Operation Felix', the codename for a possible German (or joint German / Spanish) assault on the Rock of Gibraltar. But of course, this never happened for a number of reasons.

    A lot of research has been done regarding the Spanish position in WW2, including what happened to evaders / escapers who crossed the Pyrenees into Spain.
  8. spidge


  9. TriciaF

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    Fascinating - I'll go back to it later, I knew nothing of all this, apart from the importance of Gibraltar in the control of he Med.
  10. researchingreg

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    Talking of build up to WW2:
    I have found some interesting film that my father took (in bad condition) of the opening of Marshall's Airfield at Cambridge in 1937 - which shows an aerial display by Gloucester Gauntlet Mk II fighters of 66 Squadron showing the serial numbers of three of them (K5313, K7847 and K7845), but more interestingly a display of a simulated gas attack using a Handley Page Heyford (see photo of actual bomber), possibly No. 7 Sqn. And even more interestingly a first world war Handley Page O/400. It also shows the Navigator operating the gas release controls on the Heyford bomber and shots of the dual controls. The trouble is the film was in bad condition when it was copied onto a VHS Tape which I have just had re-copied onto a DVD today, so the quality is not good. Also I do not know how to separate the part of the DVD that shows the air display from all the family movies on the same DVD. But when I work out how to do that. Would I be able to post a movie onto the ww2talk site?
    Handley Page Heyford.jpg Gloster Gauntlet -66 Sqn Drawing.jpg Handley Page O400_7rnas.jpg

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  11. vac

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    Territorial units. I intend doing some research into the territorials as part of my project. Given the big debate in Parliament in 1936 around payment or not for attendance at TA summer camp and the differing views of the importance of recruitment to the TA, and the renewed sense of urgency regarding home defence after Guernica seems this is the right place to discuss these topics.
  12. davidbfpo

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    Cited in part:
    There is an article 'Spying on the rock: an assessment of Abwehr clandestine operations against Gibraltar during the Second World War' by Jonathan Best, from Queens University Belfast. It is available for £ via:

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