New Memorial For a B-17 Crew. Bedfordshire.

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    I attended this memorial dedication at the Church of St Mary, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire. August 14th 2022.
    The unveiling was done by the nephew and niece of the Co - Pilot 2nd Lt Floyd Henry.

    DSCF2517.JPG DSCF2519.JPG DSCF2524.JPG DSCF2531.JPG DSCF2533.JPG DSCF2547.JPG DSCF2552.JPG DSCF2560.JPG IMG_20220816_0001.jpeg IMG_20220816_0002.jpeg
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    After the dedication we were all invited to walk the few hundred yards to the crash-site field. A lot of American WW2 period vehicles had been parked in a field adjacent to the Church. I had been to the crash-site before, June 2014 to do a mini surface-dig with the ARS (Aircrew Remembrance Society) A few items from a previous dig had been found, plus some small items that day. It was also the day of the Village fete where the ARS had a small display.
    A few photographs from the crash-site.. P1110436.JPG P1110438.JPG P1110440.JPG P1110441.JPG P1110442.JPG P1110450.JPG
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  4. Little Friend

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    Part Three. Point of impact. Strawberry plants for sale just down from the crash site...Every little helps.

    P1110476.JPG P1110473.JPG P1110488.JPG P1110500.JPG P1110499.JPG
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    Times remembered, well covered...first class account of the dedication.

    Looking up the Operation. The No 306 Bomb Group was part of No 1 Bomb Division which put up 168 B17s of which 165 aircraft were bombing effective on the Brunswick industrial area,65 aircraft returned with damage sustained.

    Aircraft 469 K was the only loss of the No 1 Bomb Division and its crew dead were the only fatal casualties sustained by the Division.

    On that day the 8th AF put up a total bomber force of 589 aircraft,344 bombing effective,139 returned damaged with aircraft 469 K being the only aircraft lost. Fighter escort amounted to 554 aircraft comprising of P 38s,P 47s and P 51s from the 8th AF and 9th AF which provided 3 Fighter Groups operating under 8th AF control.
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