New member, whose father served “A” Squadron , 1st Lothians and Border Yeomanry 1944-46

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    My father Tom Sloan, served with No.3 Troop of “A” Squadron , 1st Lothians and Border Yeomanry, fighting/travelling with his troop of “Crabs” from Normandy (July 1944) to Hankensbuttel in Kreis Gifhorn, Germany (October 1945).
    He wrote a diary of the above period, which covers, among other things, the capture of Boulogne, and the attempt to land on Walcheren. It is handwritten, & runs to 27,000 words. I recently took advantage of an enforced rest after an operation to type up this diary ; not sure whether deciphering my fathers’ writing or the actual typing was the hardest !

    Now that it is completed, I'd like to share the end-product with any interested parties. I've already sent a copy to the John Gray Centre in Haddington, and would love to find any descendants of those named in this diary.
    Anyone got any bright ideas on this ?
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    Hi Chris

    Welcome and congratulaions on what must have been a major task in interpretation and typing. It sounds like a large task to find descendants of those named, my suggestion would be to subscribe to someone such as FindMyPast as they seem to have a good selection of UK databases for family research including the 1939 Register which in my view they have transcribed better than Ancestry so searches are easier and results more relevant.
    There are a few members on here who would like to read your fathers diaries, and some unfortunately who are no longer with us.

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  3. CL1

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    hello Chris would you be able to publish on here or are you thinking of publishing to sell?

  4. 4jonboy

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    Hello Chris and welcome to the forum.

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    Hello Chris and welcome.
    My father served in B Squadron, 1st L&BY during the same period and I'd love to read your fathers dairy! I know from the War Diaries that he was supposed to take part in the Walcheren landings but have no evidence he ever did nor did he ever mention it.

    Would your father have been the Second Lieutenant T B Sloan (302983) that joined the regiment in Dec 43 ? There are several mentions of his name in the war diaries and some action reports written by him.


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