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Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by spm36, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. spm36

    spm36 New Member

    hello all new member, I'm Sean ex Irish Ranger , father ex RA, ww2 grandfathers both ex RA and great grandfather ww1 Marines.

    I want info on a friends Polish ww2 service ribbons of which I have a photo of , which thread do I put that on please, cheers
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  2. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher


    I don't know what place to suggest for Polish service ribbons - apologies.
  3. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA Patron

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Welcome to the forum.
    Just start a thread.
    One of us Mods can move it if needed.
  5. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Welcome aboard.
  6. veronicad

    veronicad Well-Known Member

    Welcome. I am unable to help, but I am sure you will receive help from other members.
  7. Wobbler

    Wobbler Well-Known Member

    Welcome Sean.
  8. Harry Ree

    Harry Ree Very Senior Member

    Welcome Sean there is abundant information on this forum...worth while being involved

    As for the PAF there may be information at Northolt but the very active RAF Heritage Centre remembering and dedicated to the Polish bomber squadrons based at RAF Ingham.(Home of the Polish Air Force Bomber Squadrons) are sure to be of some help.

    Go to
  9. spm36

    spm36 New Member

    Thank you all, ill add the photo this weekend hopefully someone might know what they represent, best regards Sean

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