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    Born UK 1940. Emmigrated to Canada1953. Trained as an historian. Military service runs deep in my family. All three services +Merchant Marine. Dad served 11bttn Royal Notts and Derbyshire Regiment, ‘Sherwood Foresters’. France,(2nd Landrieces) Occupation of Ruhr. Later RNVR, ERA HMS “Furious”. Uncle Matt Jefferson died of wounds following loss of HMT ‘Thuringia’ during evacuation of Dunkirk. Some 12 others. Trying to keep their stories alive to my kids andgrandkids. My career in Cdn Federal Govt: 25 yrs under seal of Official Secrets Act.
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Thank you Drew. Very pleased to join the group.
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    Welcome and enjoy.!!!
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    Welcome to the forum , even though you joined in January :)
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    Thanks Owen. In and out of hospital. Thought I’d bettter begin again.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to Canada! And, Welcome to the Forum.
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    Welcome to the forum

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