New Member Hello! 1602447 Cyril Bernard BARKER, Royal Artillery: POW

Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Karen H, May 8, 2020.

  1. Karen H

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    Hi - have just signed up and wanted to say hello :) my name is Karen and I’ve been researching my family tree for over 20 years, my late grandad was a POW at Stalag XI A - he had served at Tobruk as a gunner in the Royal Artillery - trying to research as much as I can as he never spoke of it (understandably) appreciate any feedback - thank you :)
  2. Mr Jinks

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    Welcome to the forum Karen,post his name and number someone may be able to help?

  3. Ron Goldstein

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    Welcome aboard Karen

    You have come to the right Forum !

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  4. Karen H

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    Thank you - I wasn’t sure if it was the right place to post lots of info - didn’t want to bombard but his name was Cyril Bernard Barker, 1604227 was his Army number and 141164 his POW number - thank you
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  5. Mr Jinks

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    Karen could you re check his army number please 1604227 refers to a Samuel Toseland Royal Artillery . Thanks

  6. Karen H

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    Sorry sorry - fat fingers! It is 1602447
  7. AB64

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    I think the number ends 2447 - see attached

    barker attestation book.jpg barker casualty 2.jpg barker casualty 3.jpg barker casualty.jpg

    Sorry I was typing up as you replied
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  8. Karen H

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    No problem - thank you :)
  9. Mr Jinks

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    Capture in the Aegean in November 1943 thought possibly during the battles for Kos,Leros and Rhodes (Oct-November 1943 ) when I checked theres a German PoW card at Kew which confirms this

    WO 416/18/322

    Name: Cyril Bernard Barker.

    Date of Birth: 8 June 1918.

    Place of Birth: Coventry.

    Service: British Army.

    Rank: [Gunner].

    Regiment/Unit/Squadron: [Royal Artillery].

    Service Number: [1602447].

    Date of Capture: 17 November 1943.

    Theatre of Capture: Leros, Greece.

    Camp Name/Number: "Stalag XI Altengrabow"

    PoW number: 14164.

    Date of Death: [unspecified].

    Number of Photographs: 0.

    Number of Fingerprints: 0.

    Number of X-rays: 0.

    Number of Cards: 1.

  10. Karen H

    Karen H Member

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so so much - there is a lot of information here I never knew - really appreciate your help - thank you again :)

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