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    I am new in this forum, I am the owner of the ex RAF FZ668 Dakota III (Squadron 271) and writing a book about the aircraft history and all men who had links to her. I am trying with Avialogs to restore this aircraft to airworthy status. I am searching for all documents / photos relative to the aircraft history/crew/ operations

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    Welcome and best of luck with that very worthwhile project!
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    Former Royal Air Force combat-veteran Douglas Dakota FZ668 took its first steps towards rejuvenation at Saint-Hubert Airport near Montreal in Quebec, Canada. The Dak has moved from its outdoor parking spot of the last 25 years to another location on the airfield where engineers can assess its condition with a view towards a complete restoration. The RAF first received FZ668 in the European Theatre during 1944. Flying with 271 Squadron, she took part in both Operation Overlord and Market Garden, suffering flak damage during a supply drop on the latter campaign. Post-war, Canadair reconfigured the Dakota as a DC-3C airliner. She served in this capacity, registered as CF-TER with Trans-Canada Air Lines, until 1958. Transport Canada then acquired the DC-3, flying her as C-FDTD until retiring her during the 1980s. Benoit de Mulder of Avialogs.comnow owns the aircraft, and intends to conduct a complete restoration, with the local FBO H-18 providing assistance.
    Warbird Digest Magazine - Aircraft Resurrection Report for Issue #76
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    Welcome & good luck with the restoration

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    Welcome to the forum. I have always loved the way this plane sits on its wheels, to say nothing of its immense contribution in WW2, in all theatres.
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    That is wonderful! Welcome to the forum, and best wishes on the restoration!
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    Welcome Avialogs

    I'm sure most of the following will be familiar to you. The ownership history of the Dakota can be viewed here.

    Aerial Visuals - Airframe Dossier - Douglas C-47A-5-DK, s/n 42-92451 USAAF, c/n 12253, c/r C-FDTD

    For it's time with the RAF you need the Operations Record Book (ORB) of 271 Squadron RAF, available at the National Archives.

    On D-Day during Operation Tonga FZ668 flew out of Blakehill Farm Airfield piloted by F/O Nicholl. It was marked as CN 253 and carried men of the 8th Parachute Battalion whose destination was LZ K. I have the following men as passengers on the aircraft:

    Lt. England (P/W Evd), Pte. Johnson (DOW), Pte. Billington (KIA), Pte. Bunning (P/W), Pte. O’Hara, Pte. Haselden (P/W), Pte. Warner (KIA), Capt. Greenwood (KIA), Pte. Partridge, Pte. Davies, Capt/Rev. Kay (KIA), Pte. Hamilton(Batman), Sjt. Kelsey, Cfn. Thoumine (DOW), Sjt. Popham, Sjt. Davis, S/I. Groom

    CN 253 Tonga.JPG

    You can see a listing of the five flights FZ668 was involved in out of Down Ampney during the Arnhem Battle from the ORB available on the Pegasus Archive. For example on September 18th:

    Aircraft Type & Number: Dakota III FZ.668. Crew: F/O Nicoll J.R., F/O McDonnell D.J., P/O Marsden C.J., F/S Caves H.H. Duty: Glider Tug. Time Up: 11.20. Time Down: 17.10.

    It also flew on the 19th, 20th, 21st, and the 23rd when according to the ORB, "The A/C captained by F/O Nicoll was slightly damaged and one of the despatchers was injured in the leg by shrapnel."

    The passenger list for Chalk 253 Operation Tonga was provided by member Horsapassenger and text list by brithm. What I don't have at the moment is information on the Horsa towed on the 18th of September.

    A great project for an aircraft with a rich history - good luck with your restoration!

    Regards ...
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    Thank you, I had already all 271 Squadron operation logs but was missing names of men carried during D-DAY. I have the loading manifest for the Horsa during Market Garden (attached). I am writing a book about the airplane. She was converted after to DC-3C by Canadair, flew with Trans-Canada Airlines as CF-TER before being operated by the DOT as C-FDTD. What I am missing are photos from her war time and more info about her main pilot, F/O Nicoll J.R.

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    I think the man you're looking for was 126060 F/O John Robertson Nicoll.

    If this is him he passed away in 1964. Basford (Notts). Married Eunice Davey at Basford in the March 1945 Qtr.

    Three children: Sandra D (March 1946 Qtr), Susan M. (December 1952 Qtr) and Ian S (June 1955 Qtr)


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    Just to clarify am I reading it correctly as glider 234 in your document?

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