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    Hi all,

    Im james i've been working in the games industry for over 6 years, i run a game studio in central london and we are looking for our next huge project i've always been a WW2 Fan, most of my family including older generations have always been involved, mainly with the RAF

    Im looking for some community interaction to build a storyline that will be followed out thoughout the game, as it will be a community based game it will be "free" also a pay for limited edition box set, whose who contribute will be featured on our website and on our credits ingame.

    The storyline we would like to create is a little old fashioned a little spooky in the dark areas.

    I want to start off with a young lad of 18-19 whos been called up the front (bomber command or such) and then we go though the whole rig roll of the battle following him and playing him as a first person shooter,

    here seemed like the perfect place to come for some imput and some storylines i would love to involve everyone.

    if you would like to help out with features and storyboarding then please get in touch here or on my personal home email

    we have a great team of developers and we would love to put everything inplace just as it should be. the sky is the limit!

    thanks all.
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    where's your company website?
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