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    Netflix are co-producing a new Dutch & British WW2 feature film called The Forgotten Battle which focuses on The Battle of the Scheldt in 1944. There is a trailer for it but having seen it I can not find it anywhere. It looks to be a well produced effort but it is difficult to tell from a 1 minute teaser trailer. It was due for release at the end of this year but as with most things Covid-19 has pushed it back to next year.

    IMDb: A Dutch movie about three young people: a British glider pilot, a Dutch boy fighting on the German side and a Dutch female resistance member; set around the Battle of the Scheldt. Their choices differ, their goal is the same: freedom.
    The Forgotten Battle (2020) - IMDb

    EDIT: If you can access it, this is the trailer as posted on Twitter:
    Klaas Meijer on Twitter
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  2. AB64

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    Trailer worked OK for me (and I don't use Twitter) - looks decent values, couldn't really see much of the Brit kit - they did look a bit lightweight on the webbing front - belt, cross straps and pouches looked about the extent of it - be interested to see more
  3. davidbfpo

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    This is the Netflix YouTube trailer, with one million views since Sept. 13, 2021 and it is not the same length as that cited in the opening post:

    I note one comment is that it is drawing large audiences in Holland.
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  4. MongoUK

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    My only concern is whether the entire budget has been spent on the first 2 minutes in the glider and the rest of the film is just another 5 men wandering about in the woods type affair with one fire-fight...
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  5. JDKR

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    At one point in the trailer the film is heralded as the ‘Dutch version of Dunkirk’. Not the best of plugs IMHO and I sincerely hope it is better.
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  6. Giberville

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    It looks promising! Really good to see the battle on Walcheren/South Beveland portrayed in film. Lots of Canadian troops in the trailer it appears. Would love to see a sequence in the film of a battery of 5.5s from 9 AGRA offering their support...I know, as if...
  7. Chris C

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    From the description... It feels like a story happening at the same time as the battle and I would be prepared for not many scenes of the battle. It is apparently coming to Netflix Canada in October so I may watch it then.
  8. Tom OBrien

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    How does the glider pilot get involved? Crash on the way to Arnhem?


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  9. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    I assume so... I don't remember any gliders used in the Scheldt.
  10. JohnH

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  11. smdarby

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    I watched a bit of the video. It definitely takes the anti-Montgomery line, with a few interesting additions. According to the lady (I have no idea who she is or what her qualifications are), Market Garden was all about Montgomery's testosterone! He was trying to prove himself. I actually thought Montgomery had already proven himself in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and the planning for D-Day.
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  12. lostinspace

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    The Netflix movie just showed up in an e-mail today. It is supposed to be available on October 15th (in the U.S.). Hard to tell from the trailer if the movie will be any good or not, usually they show the best bits first. On the other hand, what's another couple of wasted hours to a retiree?
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  13. Markyboy

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    Any news on a UK release? Had a look on Netflix a few weeks ago and it's not on there?
  14. Wobbler

    Wobbler Well-Known Member

    As it happens, I just this second had a look and it’s the same as for the US, 15 October.
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  15. smdarby

    smdarby Patron Patron

    Same in the Netherlands - 15 October.
  16. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    You win a prize :)

    I thought it was 'good'. Won't do spoilers, but if you watch it, what do you think of the large number of SMLE Mk. III*? Also it looked to me if the main person sometimes had a III* and than all of a sudden a IV. For the nerds, I know but I found it distracting.
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  17. To be released on15 October in France too.
    I couldn't help but try and ID the few vehs appearing in the trailers. Most look OK, but we do have the mandatory T-34, this time posing as an Allied tank (Sherman?).
    Covering both Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt in the same film sounds a bit of a mouthful though...
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  18. lostinspace

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    Well, I'm officially looking forward to it now, as long as the T-34/85 has a small part in the proceedings. Hollywood used to do a decent job of disguising them as a Tiger I; Kelly's Heroes, Saving Pvt. Ryan etc., now I guess they just roll them out there & hope no one will notice.
  19. Chris C

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    How can you not have access to a Sherman? :(
  20. Marco

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    It does not cover Market Garden.
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