New Film - 1917

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  1. KevinC

    KevinC Slightly wierd

    Watched it yesterday and really disappointed. It had so much potential, but trying to film it as one continuous sequence killed it for me
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  2. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron

    Last week I made a rare visit to my local cinema and saw the film.

    As far as I was concerned it was just super, no complaints at all.

    It also reminded me that in the line, in WW2, how many animals were killed and how they simply stank to high heaven.

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  3. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    I enjoyed it but got irritated that the soldiers rarely finished their sentences with Sir when speaking to an Officer - as they would unhesitatingly have done in 1917 as they do now, and I was not impressed that the LCpl hero saluted the Commanding Officer of 2 Devons without a hat on. The Americans merrily do that but the British do not.

    Where was the military advisor for those bits - Half asleep?

  4. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    It depends on the merry American.
    The Marines do not salute without a cover.
  5. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member


    I would not expect anything less from the US Marine Corps.

  6. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    Finally got round to watch it and to be honest I enjoyed it. (but I am easily pleased ?).
  7. tmac

    tmac Senior Member Patron

    I thought the plot was ridiculous, but the action, scenery, equipment, etc, was excellent. Just a thought: If Blackadder hadn't eaten Speckled Jim, they could have sent the plucky pigeon with a message and saved themselves that awful journey.
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